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Triangle Strategy Part 7 A NEW IDENTITY Gameplay Walkthrough

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Triangle Strategy Gameplay Walkthrough


Triangle Strategy is a tactical role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Artdink. Development is led by Tomoya Asano, producer of the Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler games

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  1. I think Cordelia is going to turn evil soon I don't play the game but that's just my theory.

  2. On the one hand Aesfrost feels incredibly and stupidly credulous for just immediately believing in the body‘s identity, on the other hand it may just be them projecting their own thinking (i.e. Roland just being useless baggage) onto the MC’s group. Still, them just giving up on the last house standing between them and entire domination as well as them not second-guessing why Roland ‘was abandoned’ now of all times and why he was made unidentifiable just feels like lazy writing.

  3. Erador and Serenoa: Don't try it Rufus! We have the high ground!
    Rufus: You underestimate my power!

  4. Well voltsy I jut finished the game and damn it I made the wrong final choice and sided with Frederica by doing so Serinoa sacrificed himself and died. Man I was so shocked. Good thing there are Ten save files lol

  5. Also im sure youre aware that u can upgrade your units once they reach level 10, id recommend upgrading frederica, seranoa and one of the healers since they are the best at what they do respectively. Other great units are any of the mages that u like, anna and benedict. Roland is also nice since he is very mobile and does great dmg but its up to who you think is best/coolest

  6. Help I am in the voting phase for chapter 9 but I can’t get the outcome I want I even went to back before the vote twice to in hopes I could change things but I can’t get anyone to change their vote (To do the salt delivery instead of not) I herd that I need to go this route for the true ending so I’m stuck until I can convince Anna Benedict Erador or Frederika

  7. I played this chapter today and chose to accept Telliore's alliance proposal, just to see if I would get the chance to see Serinoa's army fighting side by side with Falkes. Anna discovers Silvio's treachery and, instead of having to defeat just Rufus to win the battle, you also have to defeat his whole army xD

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