Valorant Devs: "We MESSED UP" – Pro Players are BOYCOTTING Valorant – Update Guide

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  1. Nah, it's not that big of a deal, most people who play are in silver/ gold, and simply would not use a review system if it existed, at the end of the day it is better to make something to your core audience then to expend your resources on 5% of the player base hat would use it

  2. I really wish they can add skins to agents. I understand they dont want to affect game play ect, but every other riot game has skins snd feel agent skins can add do much to val

  3. The only reason i dont play valorant as much is because some maps are straight up dogshit , yes im talking about dogbox

  4. It's insane that features that the player base wants is being sidelined for nonsensical features like player behavior tools? Seriously? You know what would help with that? A REPLAY SYSTEM

    Seriously, I give massive props to tournament observers, they are doing so well with the nothing that Riot has given them
    New maps, which their not even giving us a choice in which we want to play (playing Split or Bind 3 times in a row gets exhausting), and new agents can only get you so far

  5. valorant players are getting all mad when devs don't communicate well, when overwatch players go 2 years without a real update

  6. To be honest a developer's job isn't that easy. Yes the community wants a lot of thing buy try learning programming once then you'll know if their work is easy or not.

  7. Riot is owned by fucking Tencent, who made PUBG, and even their other games are better gameplay wise

  8. Valorant community is actually a funny thing. They can accept still existing run n gun, annoying odin spam, strong judge and almost non existing bucky (in meta) but they are furious because no replay system. Don't get me wrong, replay mode is important thing for competitive game, to be able learn on your own faults from enemy perspective but there are other things that people also should boycott Valorant.

    P.S Advertise game as 5V5 and punish players for playing 5-stack by getting less MMR was hilarious.

  9. Don't care about most of the stuff, most important imo is to crack down on bad player behaviour. Like 80% of my ranked games are decided by which side has more smurfs or less trolls/afks.

  10. It's beyond stupid that a tactical FPS Competitive E-Sport has no in game replay, like so far beyond fucking stupid it's unacceptable. That shit should have been included at release…

  11. I've just gotten into Valorant. But I can already see what people are pointing at- I came from Overwatch. I can 100% see why people are upset. In fact, I was just looking around YT for content about Valorant, it's current state, it's Anti-Cheat (because I have some anxiety around it), and just the game. This was a great watch, and awesome to learn more, albeit unfortunate news. I'll be subbing- I want to see more.

  12. People just wanted to make an edit for their ace I guess. I mean they're not getting everyday anyway

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