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VALORANT Player Reacts to Apex Legends (Meet The Legends)

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VALORANT Player Reacts to Apex Legends (Meet The Legends)
– Chocolate Kieran

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  1. After seeing it like this, each new legend just finishes the old legend
    Eg. Horizon finishes Rampart, Rampart finisher Loba, etc.

  2. Fun facts Mirage makes a kot a friends suprisngly either cause people find him funny or they can tell he uses the funny to hide how depressed he can be when he's alone

  3. With mirage just look for him doing something weird like running into walls or standing still for no reason that’s how you know

  4. u should react to back story of mirage
    one of the saddest story of any character in apex

  5. Lmao I'd be best friends with Rampart she's my favourite legend personality wise, love the wholesome crazy

  6. Hi bro great content you have to know there were a lot of updates since, so a lot of characters get some changes like Lifeline

  7. well character combo is kinda not really important imo coz u can select any legends in trio randomly and they can still win great example is mirage

  8. A little late, but there's another legend for Apex that's mobile exclusive: Fade. He doesn't have a meet the legend or sfto though.

  9. Uhh after the stories from the outlands you can check the gameplay trailers or maybe some of the comics!

  10. bro played valorant for two weeks and is now calling himself a valorant player in his titles 😂

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