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What You Need To Know About Every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile

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Learn these videos in order to go Noob to pro in 1 week:

100 Tips and Tricks to Guarantee WINS!

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00:00 My cute face
00:35 Fade Guide
04:02 Bangalore Guide
07:08 Bloodhound Guide
10:18 Octane Guide
14:07 Revenant Guide
18:04 Wraith Guide
21:45 Caustic Guide
24:55 Gibraltar Guide
28:23 Pathfinder Guide
31:31 Mirage Guide
34:47 Crypto Guide
38:43 Wattson Guide
42:37 EPIC Guide

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  1. The best Guide ever! I hope they bring back the old wall jump mechanic though hehe 😁😁😁.

  2. Where did you get revenant, crypto and watson, those legends aren't in my apex, enlighten me lol, btw great video, KeepItUp <//3

  3. I'm from CoDM, and I'm starting to play Apex L, for some reason when I'm picking up the items I can't move, does anyone know why?. I like your content bro.

  4. Any tips on how to shoot enemy at long or mid range? Having a hard time shooting those shots especially I'm a phone player

  5. Yooow my man 1ce can you do a gyroscope guide and perks guide that would be a big help tnx love u man

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