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Why You NEED ALTS In Dragonflight | World of Warcraft

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I wanted to make this video going over a couple reasons as to why you will need alts in dragonflight, the professions so far seem to be designed towards the fact that we will have timegated content in either a daily or weekly form that will make having multiple characters in the same profession a very strong position to be in early on in the expansion and or patches. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below!

Link to the wowhead article:

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  1. Am a bit torn between callings/mt gold and leveling more 50+ alts. Am capped on 2 accounts but I don't have enough time to play my crop of 60s as is, their professions are good to go though.

  2. They just need to bring back vanilla crafting …. 3 different LW trees 3 different BS and so on etc

  3. TYVM! Go Alt Army! I hope 9.2.5 comes ASAP. For the renown bump if nothing else.

    TBD is Evoker: 1/account, 1/ream that you have a 60 on, 1/realm, multiple/realm limited only by 50 char slots/account ???
    Will the [deginerate] Meta be to take 80 hours in the pre-patch to get 40 Evokers from 58-60? Will casuals 🙂 with only 5 accounts need to save char slots for Evokers?

    P.S.: For those that don't speak OCD, the impelling reason to have 250 alts is because that is more than 249 🙂

  4. Good video man. Time to get that alt army up lol just have to figure out the best way to lvl them all… keep up the good work bro.

  5. RIP mission table. Its not coming in Dragonflight. That was confirmed today. So now my alt army gets to sleep.

  6. That happens to me too, queueing for an dungeon as dd
    Than watching Netflix and forgot that I queue for an dungeon 🤣
    Than middle of nowhere boom 💥
    "Dungeonbrowser sound" 😱😆

  7. pure speculations 1 thing can happen is they will like legion make professions level attached to it with quests 🙂 which is good i would say less people in the market who can just log level 60 char and do stuff xd

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