Xbox Just Got A HUGE Update | NEW Fable Development Update & New Xbox Series Hardware | Xbox News

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We have a huge Xbox update that just came out. We have brand new Xbox Series hardware that could push XCloud to new gamers. Could we see this at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase?

There’s also massive Fable development updates that have just leaked. Could we see the new Fable game at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase?

Xbox Series X has a lot of games coming out, especially with Sony’s PlayStation 5 having a great 2022. With new hardware and even new games coming the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X needs to compete with the PS5.

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  1. Do you think we'll get "keystone" or some new hardware at the Xbox showcase? And what do you think about Fables development?

  2. Hope the frames r good like I'm expecting 120 1080p or 1440p120 I at least. I mean 60 fps is good too just kinda last gen uno

  3. The main thing xbox will need to address is the short supply of the Series X in other countries.

  4. Man this generation is so weird. Had somebody say at my job that Grand Turismo is the best racing game ever made. Look I respect others opinions but only when it's the truth. 🤣🤣

  5. Fable is having development problems.
    Redfall is delayed.
    Starfield is delayed.
    Perfect Dark is having development problems.
    State of Decay 2 is having development problems.
    Halo has 6 month seasons with hardly any content.
    These systems launched with no exclusives.
    But next year man. Next year!!!!!!!

  6. I take your point but now I am in SE Asia Xbox is basically a brick and totally unsupported. The Gamepass. Cloud streaming and even basic store functionality does not work outside the 30 or so 'supported regions'. Even launching games offline here is often hit or miss. Sony and Nintendo seem far more global and inclusive as I have no problem with their consoles at all in SE Asia.

  7. They're not going back to the drawing board they're just purchase changing some things terrible choice of words

  8. i know whenever the world "HUGE" is in the title or thumbnail of a Zalker video, I know its not going to be a big deal. Zalker has stooped down to CrapGamer levels of cIickbait… smh

  9. If you want to compete with things like Ruko and Chromecast for that dongle slots. Xbox needs to update their UI. It needs to be more then about games. It needs to be a media hub for things like Netflix, D+ and the like. When you look at Google TV on their new Chromecast. It times all the services you are subscribed to, seamless to find content with ease. It need to be able to stream this kind of content at 4k HDR and Dolby Vision. Ths things cant be just a 1060p Xbox gaming stick.

  10. “Tv or monitor” does this mean that it will be a HDMI dongle and not USB? Also I see this dongle boosting Xbox accessory sales BIG time.

  11. I’m playing tons of GTA online, filling up my vehicle and crate warehouses, casually selling my mc stuff.

  12. I regret buying xbox series s i had choice to buy ps5 digital or series s i went with series s because of gamepass and Bethesda I'm big fan of Bethesda games also I thought there will be lot of good day one games so far day one games where shitty most games are indie I'm not big fan of indie games.
    The biggest problem i have with the console is 30fps only for lot games some games run at 720p like seriously they promised 1440 60 we should get atleast 900p 60 and starfield got delayed,don't know what happened to state of decay 3.
    Now I feel like a 🤡 for buying xbox

    Xbox series x out of stock when i bought s.

    This is about lies Microsoft said about the series s.

  13. Honestly the problem I have with streaming is that games just wont have the fidelity that's needed for next gen. If they let you store part of the game on the stick, that would b best

  14. It seems like every Xbox exclusive has development issues. Hopefully they find out what the issue is soon

  15. So happy we left playstation 15yrs ago, there has been really no need to go back.
    GamePass just can’t be matched ❎💪🏻

  16. Here's the problem versus the proposition how do you go back to a console if this is successful it would mean the end of console plus this would be just Generation 1 this got better they will have to take their eye off of consoles altogether if this becomes the norm

  17. But taking the elephant out of the room streaming services will not be successful until 5G exhaust in a big way that's just haven't happened yet

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