Xbox Passing PlayStation | SCORN On Track | Sniper Elite 5 Success| Mid Gen Refresh Consoles

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Xbox Passing PlayStation | SCORN On Track Sniper Elite 5 Success| Mid Gen Refresh Consoles

Xbox Passing PlayStation: 0:00
SCORN On Track: 7:51
Mid Gen Refresh Consoles: 9:53
Sniper Elite 5 Success: 13:36

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  1. Soo I guess the narrative keeps changing also apparently Xbox won't be dry after all this year as the fanboys would say. as I always said starfield and redfall weren't the only xbox exclusive to come out this year 😂 also where's the Xbox will always be number 3 comments lol come on I'm waiting 🤔

  2. What’s good is that the gaming market is growing. More money more games in development.

  3. 8k 60/120 frames as seen on the picture😆😆😆😆
    Yeah right. The RTX 3090 GPU's can't even do that. That's a 1500/2500 dollar GPU.
    No way. Mid gen upgrade will never do that.

  4. Been saying it for the last 18 months as Playstation was losing 2.5m users a quarter AFTER the new gen started. Xbox's approach (regardless of your opinion of either platform) was more forward thinking and the open door policy was absolute genius. Less barriers=more hours played=more money spent.

  5. Services has always been where these companies make their money. Sony makes a ton off mtx. That's the reason why they want their own live service games.

  6. Im shocked Apple and Google make that much money off of Mobile games… Maybe I need to re-evaluate my Apple will not buy EA Stance…

  7. That's why Jim Ryan is trying to keep the PlayStation ecosystem afloat. Look. you have to realize Sony only has like 3 games we're all hyped for that are only releasing within a couple years, while Xbox has a generation full of games in their pipeline including things like elder scrolls 6 and fable. So once this Activision contract is done Who the hell is gonna stop Microsoft from being in first place over tencent?

  8. The underpowered release of the Xbox One and PS4 is the more valid talking point when it comes to the Pro narrative. You never saw it before because most new consoles that release are comparable to the mid-tier of PC tech.

  9. Great chart, I think that will help a lot of people to understand the picture. This is the reason why XBoX has said multiple times hardware sales is not their main and only goal forward. Service and hardware used to be tied together in the past, but not anymore, XBoX has expanded their services to go beyond the hardware barriers.

  10. Xbox really needs to work on fan engagement. They have been completely silent all of 2022. The casual fans has no clue what's coming and what to expect. MS can't go this long without making news, it's a bad look. Even the Xbox twitter account has been silent for 7 days. Meanwhile Sony keeps engaging with fans and having State of Plays etc…

    MS is showing no passion for the Xbox Brand. They need to step it up.

  11. Everyone new it this gen, the writing was on the wall xbox went out and fixed its problem of no games they got the leadership and they finally got MS funding them and now they're still buying big publishers, they have the best rpg and fps imo. I know I keep saying it but the day xbox announce take 2 and WB games is the day they become number 1 and no one will catch up to them and Sony execs will be on suicide watch you will see it all them years paying to keep games off xbox because they new ms wasn't funding them to now forcing them to go out and buy up all the publishers, Sony will be wanting to release games on xbox so they get their back scratched by Phil. They have already made back their money that was sitting there already and they still haven't finished the deal, imagine that. The longer these chip shortages last the better for xbox because the more they buy will give people who are stuck on last gen systems a better idea of where to play.

  12. mid gen refresh…. nope…. theyve not even been truly pushed yet… chip shortages too…. not gonna happen

  13. Why are people still bringing up physical sales still. It means nothing at this point and no one should care.

  14. xbox is growing and ponies hate it. Ponies need to realize that exclusive really don't sell the console, for example on Playstation only 1 out of 6 people were playing Spider man Miles moralis.

  15. Been telling these fool ass Ponys for almost 4 years that the business model had changed. Now Sony is trying not to repeat the Walkman.

  16. A very good video which explains a lot on the recent moves that both Sony and Microsoft have done.
    Definitely will share this with friends

  17. My dad been playing sniper on ps5 and that game has so many glitches that he can’t continue missions

  18. Why they add Microsoft and Activision's revenue the time these 2 corporations haven't merge yet?

  19. I feel like Scorn will get another slight delay and may be pushed back to late November or early December. Keep in mind I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

  20. All xbox has to do is just become consistent with releasing their games and they will be fine.

    Plus their still not done buying studios and publishers. By the end of this generation the gaming industry is going be in a different and hopefully better place.

  21. Sony has already forecasted 28 billion for FY2022 end so there’s that too. Don’t forget they have a bunch of acquisitions since FY2021.

  22. TCL was simply planning for a potential future. Even without the consoles, PCs are still a thing and having a great TV for these newer games will be nice.

  23. X-tards revenue is not the same as profit. Second stop conflating Microsoft with Xbox.

  24. Again great coverage plume 👌🏻
    I'm looking forward on scorn 🔥
    On gamepass there is still so much to discover. 😱
    Happy gaming man 👍🏻👋🏻

  25. xbox is dogshit mate, passing in terms of revenue… yea 2 consoles on the market 1 for 200 very cheap, handing out gay pass for 1 dollar for kids to bite on to boost numbers are you surprised? 😂 not 1 next gen title released since the medium ! ps is smashing the xbox

  26. What’s quite impressive is it took Microsoft to buy two big publishers and they are still behind Sony in terms of revenue. Microsoft could very well be in second, but there are a few things to consider from this graph/chart. It’s counting Xbox revenue of ActBlizz games twice, So that estimate would have to be a little lower. Other things to consider is ActBlizz games being on GP day one is that going to mean less revenue or more revenue?

  27. Sadly I can understand why they delayed Starfield. Xbox still selling like crazy they can't satisfy the demand, they're even owning ps5, even on Japan they beat it the other week. Why they should waste a NEXT-GEN ONLY game like Starfield now? It's not like lame ass crossgen games like sony is doing.

  28. That's because you can go get the newest Xbox but for the PlayStation 5 if you want a certain one you are paying like 800 bucks and that is not right. They let rich people and bots destroy their marketing campaign and honestly I may switch too

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