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10 Incredible Cut Content Secrets in Elden Ring

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►Recreated Mimic Questline by Nullrinn: https://youtu.be/1z9IG6Rnnac
►Cut Dreambrew Questline by Lance: https://youtu.be/2IT-DPhIxX8
►Limgrave’s Burning Stone Heads by Lance: https://youtu.be/sPPHMJHRJQc
►Map Changes Over Time by Illusory wall: https://youtu.be/jxnn0CpxpUo
►Leonard & Radahn by Zullie the Witch: https://youtu.be/rPU3LdoiFwU
►Snake Soul info by Zullie the Witch: https://youtu.be/uBzelJ70lCM
►Godrick’s Cut Dialogue by SekiroDubi: https://youtu.be/GjYxqsnehLc
►Godfrey’s Cut Dialogue by SekiroDubi: https://youtu.be/zMu7FvNP2Z4
►The Mystery of the Colosseum by SekiroDubi: https://youtu.be/0wKB-zAZSkg

00:00 Intro
00:14 Blaidd’s Tower
00:51 MimicTear Questline
04:22 Dreambrew Questline
06:39 Burning Giant Heads
07:48 Map Changes Over Time
08:38 Radahn & Leonard
09:32 SnakeSoul
10:43 Godrick Cut Dialogue
11:58 Godfrey Cut Dialogue
12:43 The Arenas of the Lands Between
14:27 Audible Sponsorship

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  1. Please open up the description and just spam middle-click on all the youtube links. Those creators have a ton of existing content, and there's still a lot of cut content that is yet to be discovered / restored

  2. What the hell happened vaati? You used to be the spot for fromsoft games. Why the lull in content?

  3. Those three half arena looking spots remind me too much of the ds2 dlc access points. But they could and should use em as arena too, you kinda had to work for some of the other arenas, it would be nice to have one early on.

  4. My theory on the giant heads, at least for now, is that they aren't actually part of any being, especially since they were so big. Instead they could simply be aspects of an Outer God being stamped upon the world, kind of like how the Fell God has his face on the chest and torso of the Fire Giants. With the heads in Caelid they could easily be the shadows of the sealed Rot God uinleashed by Malenia when she cheats fights Radahn to a standstill at the end of the Shattering.

  5. I like how Godrick sounds very ridged and awkward. It is like an ungrafted, younger version of himself is talking

  6. The mimic tear really highlights my personal gripes with the game. You beat the boss with no context, no quest, and basically no reward, and the ACTUAL mimic tear is in some chest way deeper? That makes little sense. IMO they did this because they wanted players to get escential drops early and not miss them. The devs explicitly said this is why a lot of content was cut, because they think players are too dumb to look harder.

  7. Those "giant heads" may have to do something with the "two fingers". Those heads may be the "owners" of the fingers we can see on top of the towers in Lands Between. From the leak video it is pretty obvious, that one of those heads is lying on the spot where two fingers are at this moment.

  8. Hey vaati, i wanna know if u have a discord channel where i can reach you. I have some theories and interesting finds about the game, which i haven't heard others mention. I wanna make a video myself, but i like your editing style more so please let me know

  9. Man your content is just so good. Watching these spoiler free videos to enrich my experience with the BEEG world of Elden Ring. Really, i appreciate you as a content creator for putting these out with so much thought behind it! Also say hi to your editor, so fun and great editing. Thanks and have a big ol' day!

  10. Dude the more i play this game i start feeling like the old ds games from back in the game. Just finding new quest lines the second play thru or just going about it my own way, walking the path uncovered before and finding the branching parhs you could take with npcs ,remembering what you did before and advancing the knowldege towards completing another step in the questand finding a character in a place you never knew you could. Finding that one secret path you didnt know existed… great game 10+ outta 10 loss of words

  11. The Godfrey fight is already incredibly awesome. Imagine how much more awesome it would be if your player character actually personally spoke to, or even personally KNEW Godfrey/Hoarah Loux, prior to venturing to The Lands Between.
    Your guide, your leader, and your mentor, offering to you the choice to seek the Elden Ring and leave your people. And then as he too regains his grace, he challenges you to a duel to become Elden Lord which devolves into a savage brawl as he renounces his companion Serosh, in order to unleash his lust for battle.

  12. You know, speaking of cut content, anyone else notice that Elden Ring finally implemented the frozen home of the giants area that was cut from Demon's Souls?

  13. Mister Vidya, have you perhaps figured out how Radagon left Rennala for Marika, yet he also IS Marika? That one's been bothering me and I'd much appreciate your insight.

  14. Vaati would love to see you in the wagdie nft community. Your content is a perfect fit and the wagdie team has been rewarding content creator from website font translators to lore library creators and people who contribute to the wagdie nft projects story. You would be a great addition to the community and you might make some amazing money from it.

  15. As much as I enjoy videos like this from Vaati, I’d really love to see more that are like “A Story Playthrough: The Weeping Peninsula”

  16. Soooo… what's going on, Vaati? If you're too busy to be as prolific as you used to be, its fine but could ya let us know? I mean, I don't mind getting lore content elsewhere but…

  17. I know it is something that from software doesn't do but… If they will restore them I would like those colosseums to be some kind of arena where you can rematch the bosses you already slayed so that you can do that without beginning a new game. Some kind of "colosseum of the ashes" where you fight their phantoms maybe? An they could reward you without giving you runes (so that you can't farm on weak bosses in the arena) maybe giving you materials or things like that.

  18. Maybe Asimi would’ve altered the look of your character somehow too. Like your blood appeared silver/black to show Asimi spilling out.

  19. what about tournaments of 8 -12 players, and non fighting players could watch the other 2 fighting that would be so cool

  20. I dont remember that mimic tear quest at all! I didn't know that existed and I'm pretty sure I never bumped into her and if I did, I must've killed her? Does it still exist?

  21. Yo wtf I swear I've seen that sleep stuff on the dogs one time when I first played and never knew what it was, never seen it again ever since, that's crazy actually now ik what that was meant for once

  22. You have committed a great sin by omitting Melina's "Hmmmm… Hmmm?" voice lines from the questline

  23. I have a few observations… which have probably been brought up by others but I'm interested, so…

    Radagon and Merika likely started as two separate gods, but their union wasn't simply marriage. They are also alchemically joined. There is a concept in alchemy known as the "Great Hermaphrodite," a being which unifies opposing concepts or substances. Fitting here, I think, considering their spheres of influence. As a deduction, this leads to the idea that becoming a consort isn't simply a matter of legal binding, but rather, a fundamental one. It's not a "right" they receive to become Elden Lord, they outright obtain the power to be one. It should be pointed out, the alchemical hermaphrodite is considered an "unnatural creation," or not appearing in nature. They deliberately decided to ascend together.

    Which is a hint to the Erdtree's existence. Grafting, it seems, is a recurring theme in Elden Ring. If we take the "As above, so below," alchemical concept, we can see greater patterns (the Erdtree) and the denizens of the game (specifically, grafted lords), we can see a connection. Moreover, this grafting is a poor attempt to recreate the union of Radagon and Merika, but fails. There are some conclusions as to why it failed, but I haven't thought about them. (Edit: this means the Erdtree is another example of an alchemical union. It's not a parasite, but an experiment.)

    Furthermore, Jung drew heavily from the concepts of alchemy. Shadow beasts are very obviously a Jungian concept (the anima), so there's a thread running through the idea of marriage/alchemical union and the shadow beasts/anima.

    Calling the Elden Ring a "rune" is a misnomer, it is improperly named. What they are is magic circles. Magic circles in the occult have a very specific use (usually as a means to keep something out, or trap something within). It's my theory here that these runes, misnamed on purpose perhaps, do exactly this.

    I'm 100% certain inspiration for Melina's Scarlet Rot is from the alchemical process called the, "Magnum Opus," which cites the fourth step of the alchemical process as, "Rubedo," otherwise known as the reddening. If they reached this stage, the alchemy is considered a success. She might be the living embodiment that Radagon and Merika succeeded in their task. In fact, of the four stages, each is associated with a color: black, white, yellow, and red. We see this colors oft repeated. (Edit: the color red is also associated with the philosopher's stone and immortality. Melina might actually be the equivalent here.)

  24. Topic 10: I think it becoming a re-challenge arena is highly unlikely, looking at its size. Imagine "fighting" Greyoll in this (jk)…or the Fire Giant. – Talking about size; imagine them adding Gransax as a new DLC boss…fighting him in the/a past/dream or something along that line.

  25. Your findings and analyses are always unbelievably good. Seems like hard work, but it's beautiful to acknowledge these connections. Thank you!

  26. I feel like the quest with Asimi invokes plurality, having multiple personalities. A lot of people have been finding themselves to be plural and a quest where a conclusion would be murdering your other half, especially after heartwarming introduction to Melina seems really out of step with inclusive sensibilities.

    Considering also that Ranni is also a sympathetic figure in the final game, going to one of the eternal cities would result in this tragic event, as you have to fight the mimic to enter those cities, so it's possible that characterization of Ranni was different at some point.

  27. GRRM said in an interview that ER is a sequel to DS, which everyone in the world obviously said isn't true. But WHAT IF that was something Miyazaki told him in secret and he accidently let it slip? I have nothing to back this up, other than thinking that the frenzied flame seems like what would happen to the profaned flame if it was left alone to fester after the events of DS, and infect the three fingers. Just a thought

  28. It seems really strange that they cut Asimi. Surely not due to time considering the dislogue, boss and summon are all in tact, even an interaction with Melina. Maybe they'll add it in a patch?

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