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3 MOST BROKEN Weapon Combos for Split 2 of Season 12 – BEST GUNS – Apex Legends Guide

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  2. i like 5 guns, the R301, CAR, EVA 8 auto, R99, and wingman. the R301 has easy to control recoil and decent range, the CAR has good fire rate and easy recoil, the EVA is really good close range and shoot very fast for a shotgun, the R99 shoot super fast which means you can just charge into a fight and laser someone. and the wingman is very good at all ranges while doing a decent amount of damage.

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  4. The car is definitely the best smg respawn ever created , I love the different mag options and ammo types being compatible, especially in sticky situations, like you’re teammates both running light guns , leaving heavy ammo abundant

  5. I’ve been running hemlock r9/car combo a lot recently. Seems to be working pretty well. Thoughts?

  6. I hate to be that guy but he's right, always carry a gibby counter as a secondary. I hate the shotgun and wingman but they clap gibby in his bubble and ez punish. (Hate is due to sight and my personal aim, once I improve my aim they will be beautiful, I see potential- personal note so public don't misunderstand intentions). Car helps with never needing ammo because car+secondary means you use all ammo except energy and can be the tactical resupply-er your team can use. R301 is best light for mid range with little kick. I love rampage though but it's situational you either need thermite or you need to be main suppressor beaming those who peaks while your team repositions.

  7. I'm on console but I try these I just die my aim. Is trash I just can't track anything,I don't think the firing range would help since its stationary targets and In games they move around and have better game sense than me any tips?

  8. I usually go with a combo called snipe and spray, i just use a sniper(usually the longbow or triple take) and an hemlock in single fire mode for powerfull enemy ending full auto.

  9. The 30-30 slaps. It's pretty much like the wingman but with the ability to use a 3x or the 2-4x variable. Using that and pairing it with an r99/car or just the good ol 301 is my usual go to.

  10. I like ash and valk so the 301 and car is helping. Perfect load out for me. Thank you for it.

  11. I’ve been playing CAR and P2020 lately. Whenever I reload CAR, I panic and make mistakes—so I tried the ‘ol Modern Warfare, “faster than reloading” thing and the P2020 gives me a place to throw the panic energy by spamming trigger. It works like a charm.

  12. I've been using the r301 and a wingman. It's such a strange combo, but somehow it's been working for me.

  13. Hi, I’m just wondering, what colour blind mode do you use/ what’re you video settings your game looks really nice. Thank you

  14. Normally I’ll run car or r-99 with either a pk or a wingman because I’m more of a entry fragger

  15. I swear only PC players will say use a shotgun. I literally can't remember 2-3 times I died to a shotgun n I literally have 184Days played. Can't even remember 1 time I died n was like dam If Only i had a shotgun that fight

  16. I've always liked CAR-Flatline combo, idk why it just "fits" better with the CAR than R-301, maybe there is more balance bc Flatlines firerate is slower, maybe it's just me idk

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