Actually having fun in Battlefield 2042…

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Battlefield 2042 new map is pretty good and the rocket launcher is a fun meme. Having a good laugh here with the lads on Zero Hour @Stodeh @Westie @Tomographic Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching.


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  1. I mean I'll give it another shot. BF4 was rough at first but I played the hell out of it. Going to be hard consdiering MW2 releases this year

  2. how do people find servers? I really want to try it again but every server i join its just me waiting for other people to join.

  3. my biggest issue with bf2042 is that i have a very good highend rig and i got 30~ fps no matter the settings. if i had everything maxed with raytracing etc 30fps, everything as low as it can go, 30fps, everything on medium, 30fps. i could not get the fps to go any higher, or any lower. i could not force the game to use the hardware (cpu usage at 40% peak, gpu at 15% peak). this was a common problem almost exclusive to 30 series cards, lots of people reporting on it at launch. does anyone know if this has been fixed?

  4. One decent map doesn't save the game for me the animations for explosions are nothing like previous titles and the lack of levelustion is just dissapoiting still doesn't have the feeling of a true BF game

  5. My strat is to keep waiting until this game has double the content and half the price it launched with

  6. It would be great if there was more than just the new map to play… Every time I get on, there are no games except a continuous rotation of the one map.

  7. This game DESPERATELY needs lobbies and MAP VOTING. I'm sick to death of playing Hourglass 3 times in a row.


  8. Only just bought the game earlier in the week and I’ve really enjoyed this map (it’s essentially played on repeat every time I log on right now)

  9. "You think BF2042 will keep people playing a single map forever?"

    Me who's able to play Caspian Border 24/7: Are you challenging me?!

  10. I mean, you said this game was great on release and the hype up to it only for it to be a complete failure, why would anyone listen to your opinion now?

  11. Guys in the tower. Rockets from everywhere hit said tower.

    Tower remains in place with barely a scratch. Is that even Battlefield? 🙁

  12. I reinstalled 2042 and although I’d rather play any other battlefield game,(besides hardline lmao) It’s a lot of fun and with the current active players number being higher than average I don’t get many bots

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