Best Battlefield 2042 Settings Guide Season 1 – Best Sensitivity, Best Fov?

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Best Settings Guide for Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Zero Hour. Thanks for watching!

1:24 Best FOV Settings
2:01 ADS FOV Off On Example
4:58 Best Crosshair Settings
7:34 Minimap Guide
8:47 Best Audio Settings
9:37 Best Controller Settings
12:20 Best Sensitivity Settings
20:29 Best PC Graphic Settings

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  1. Jun 21, 2022 Theirs a lot of (A.I.) computers. So much waiting time (TIME IT, UNTIL YOU GET IN MATCH) No one is playing this game since it came out cause I just checked it out

  2. So if you map your aim and fire buttons to the bumpers from the triggers but you change deadzone on triggers to 0 and max input to 0 does the game automatically know the trigger controls are on the bumpers if that makes sense ha

  3. To the people watching videos for the "best settings" be it, controller or m&k. Settings are purely based on personal preference. Fine tune them to your liking.

  4. Just a question regarding the 90 fov recommendation, I thought 74 was the equivalent to 90 fov or did they fix this , thanks again

  5. I've FINALLY got my shit figured out.

    Soldier Aim: 100

    Uniform Soldier Aim: OFF


    Uniform Soldier Aiming: ON

    All Optic Aim Settings: 80

    Coefficient: 0 (This, I found along with Aim
    Acceleration, is what's messing up the aim)

    Aim Acceleration: 100 (Setting this to 0 was making ADS aiming to sensitive, the Coefficient is supposed to counteract it, but it does the opposite)

    Aim Assist Sensitivity: 80 (This will still sticky on Players, but is just enough to avoid that "push off" effect.

    Aim Assist Zoom Snap: 50

  6. I have tried so many that claimed it would improve my aiming this is the first to actually work! THANK YOU FOR THIS!

  7. The aim assist on controller is completely broken, the fact that the aim jumps from the target is the most frustrating thing, they've over complicated things.

  8. It will be better if battlefiled can use linear carve.I find the game lack of the carve setting

  9. Can you make one for updated Heli control sensitivity? since the newest update I can't figure out how to adjust it back to where it feels normal. helis whip around way too fast now.

  10. I use the reverse scheme for headshots and kills. Green for headshots and red for kills. Might help a lot of people to use that since many in the USA are used to green being go and red being stop. Helps me a lot personally

  11. Does anyone else feel like you're not controlling your weapon sometimes? In some gunfights no matter what I do my crosshair will hover just above the enemies head..

  12. I bought an Xbox Series because I couldn’t find a PS5. I played with the R1/shoot L1/zoom. You can’t do this on the Xbox cause: 1. controller is small and 2. because the offset thumb stick☹️ so when tracking an enemy with the left stick my fingers slips out the LB/zoom button

  13. I have a question here, isn't fov vertical in this game? I had mine 59 thinking it would be 90 horizontal, does that mean im playing with the wrong fov all this time?

  14. Should I buy the game on steam or origins. Was thinking on steam since saw it on sale. Any playing on steam bf2042 without issues.

  15. So you came back? Wow. Game is still a poor man’s Alex Legends, but worse. They disabled the cross-play. You can only play with PC. Not enough players for individual console play.

  16. I am on console and can't really controll the new guided missile gun, do I have to crank up my sensitivity to the max? (Currently around 70 right now)

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