Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – CAIATL IS TURNING INTO GHAUL! Infected Soldiers and Calus Obsession

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Hey Guardians! Today we tell the tale of Caiatl and her army. Currently forming a blockade awaiting Calus’ next move, Caiatl is hellbent on finding her father and ending him once and for all. Along the way soldiers become infected, defect to Calus’ side and abandon their duties under the empress.

“Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted”
“Destiny 2 Caiatl”
“Destiny 2 Ghaul”
“Destiny 2 Lore”

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  1. Calus is tefurring to the experiment of turning living beings into exos like cloves did. But in a hivemind style like the vex, which is why he has all the mechanical bodys of himself deep in the leviathan, those of you who did the raid should remember the hall/hanger of calus exo bodies. But ignore my comment 😊☕️ ive never been wrong in predictions with destiny so far and with good reason… but what would i know 🤌.

  2. "The Empress' patience had winnowed to the width of a blade"


    That has to be deliberate, Bungie isn't known to not engage in careful wordsmithing.

  3. more like caitle is changing. for good or for better? and how is it similar to ghaul, and where did ghaul go wrong.

  4. Caiatl's got Daddy issues. Only a matter of time before she starts stripping and dating low-level coke dealers.

  5. I appreciate your devotion to us fans, but take a break bro. You sound like you’re losing your voice. I love your vids, but I can definitely wait until your feeling better for more content

  6. Getting some gravemind vibes from calus.
    Calus: "we are one body. Its systems. My mind"
    Gravemind: "We exist together now. Two corpses in one grave"

  7. Glad your covering this I feel so bad for Caiatl I want her to emerge as a great leader for her people but this is gonna be her greatest struggle yet

  8. Would be crazy if caital becomes consumed by the darkness, becomes another disciple and she’s the reason for light fall. And calus resents her for becoming more important to the witness and causes us to turn to calus for help to take her down

  9. bro when i found that calus automaton in sever: guilt i was thinking "someone at bungie had a too much free time on their hands"

  10. What if he's part of the ship itself. Since, there's no way he was ever found and what if he's recruiting for the final shape? Just a thought.

  11. Evaze. You need to make a podcast for the lore as well. I spend .out of my time at work and don't have time sometimes to watch your amazing lore videos. I listen to podcasts 90% of the time. So adding you to my podcast list would be awesome

  12. Virgin Caiatl: waaah waaah i wanna kill the emperor fuck that guy

    Chad Horus: actually kills his emperor

  13. Since the Devs were so hyped about this season im tempered. Waiting for that “HOLY SHIT” moment

  14. Story-wise it makes sense there was an evil version of her as the final boss in the dungeon. most importantly when you read the lore from heart Shadow is pretty obvious that if she accepted sword and accepted to be like her father things but turned out very differently in terms of our Alliance. We know that her father wants everybody to be at peace and to live in harmony mama but I think he only wants that when the cabal are in charge of everything just like the Star Wars Empire they want peace throughout the Galaxy but they want to enslave people to do it! The Cost of Freedom is always high when somebody wants to take benefit by giving someone freedom but removing the ability to choose for themselves.

    Simply just like the ice trucker from Dexter you can't be both the hero and the villain you have to pick. It's the same thing with our alliance the empress cannot just choose to be our Ally she needs to pick what's important to be our Ally or to be who she is destined to become it's in her nature to be a conqueror sooner or later it's going to happen we're going to be in a final confrontation against her! Sometimes when something is in your nature you can't fight it even when it comes down to nature versus nurture

  15. Calus is known for his gluttony, it’s not far fetched to see him combined with the Leviathan. Since it’s apparently a hive mind of sorts, he would also be connected with the darkness, scorn, Cabal, even the Guardian onboard the derelict glykon as they too would be swallowed up by the Egregore. These spores are so mysterious but also very terrifying considering we’re only encountering idle egregore stalks and masses of it.

  16. Really loving the way you show the lore too with the lil pictures, really helps a ton! Keep up the good work brody!

  17. I love the parallels of caital n calus like they are gamora n thanos. Calus being thanos n caital with her hate towards her father like gamora. I can't wait to see how her story plays out coming reset.

  18. wow, a whole 250 cabal turncoats? three guardians could have that cleaned up in about 10 minutes.

  19. Do you think that the leviathan is his pyramid ship. Because if I remember dosent a pyramid ship have a mind of its own. Hmmmm

  20. Ok is this just me or does it seem that the Lore pages have some typos at time. Because I feel like “One last deployment,” should be “On last deployment.” I mean I know sometimes with editing an editor misses stuff.

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