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Girl plays ELDEN RING Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PC) with facecam reaction – HER NAME IS MALENIA AND YOU KNOW …


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  1. Ps. I remember your fight with the Radiance. It took me like 60 tries to beat her. So don't feel bad.

  2. Am I the only one who struggles siginifcantly more with Radagon/Elden beast than Melania? Don't get me wrong, she hard AF but I usually get her within a couple of attempts whereas that Golden boy/Starfish fight makes me rage. I would even argue Melania without a summon is probably a better time for me than the last boss with a summon

  3. Ok, I'm gonna leave a request to play UNDERTALE on every one of your video, I'll be persistent, so I'll be rewarded XD

  4. the pure resignation in your eyes as the cutscene played
    everyone clap their hands together for Fromsoftware and their probably dumbest boss yet

  5. this would be so much funnier without the straight man thinking hes the star of the show

  6. Do you try dual wield? (put same type weapon in offhand) that ll double your damage output, she not that much hp compare to other same lv boss.

  7. I felt a little glimmer of hope when Ana went up the lift and Gus wouldnt have the last laugh. But he did

    Trust us Ana, we werent laughing maniacaly at 6:22 onwards like Gus was XD

    Look at the bright side. At least she doesnt spray her menstrual blood and a baby doesnt cry everytime you hit her, nor she stabs herself to hurt you nor she maniacally laughs while slitting her own hand and making a blood blade out of it XD

  8. Using the Bloodhound Step ash of war helped me out a lot against Malenia. Makes it way easier to evade her attacks. If you have the bloodhound claws try that out if you're still stuck.

  9. Welcome to one of my two favourite bosses, I really love her:) but you're at the absolute minimal requierment Level for her, so it wouldn't hurt to level up a bit first. And, you still have some things o explore at the Haligtree you missed;)

  10. Melenia cheats, not only does she regen health, she also telegraphs your moves. If you use Mohg's Spear's weapon art you and your mimic can take her out in 5 min.

  11. The healing is kind of reasonable, but that flurry attack is insane. I just gave up after a few hundred tries.

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