Final Vendetta Review (Nintendo Switch/PS5/Xbox/Steam)

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The latest release from Bitmap Bureau is finally here! Today’s video is a review of Final Vendetta which comes to us from the team who brought us Xeno Crisis. Special thanks to Numskull Games for allowing the early sneak peek at this one. Final Vendetta is available today, June 17th, for Nintendo Swith, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam.

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  1. Sorry at work at watching in my break room and hard to catch all the details. Is this captured footage from switch or ps4? Trying to figure out how the switch frame rate is. For some reason I’d rather have it on switch since Xbox doesn’t seem to have a physical:/

  2. Final Fight and Vendetta are my two favourite beat'em ups of all time.
    I played both a lot as a child at the arcades in the early 90s and I have magical memories of them.
    I have the PCB of each game twice.
    I will purchase Final Vendetta, although unfortunately the sprites and style in general are not my cup of tea.

  3. Great review! Totally agree about the bosses. With the exception of The Gentleman, you can cheese all of them, including the last boss.
    Also, Play Asia will be getting physical stock I believe.

  4. This feels like an OpenBOR game. The walking animations look very stiff. The rest of the game is OK.

  5. 🥋 This kind of game need to have excellent soundtrack, that's a "must have". Final/Burning Fight, Streets of Rage or Double Dragon had memorable & iconic ones till today. I really like the game and I'm interesting in getting it pronto (probably in digital copy) I do wish however that more (interesting & more charismatic ones) characters were available to choose from in the select screen… 🕹️
    Thanks 4 the review 👊🏻 Peace!

  6. It’s really a good looking game! The animations are on point. I wouldn’t mind owning this. I played Vendetta on my Pandora for the first time about 2 years ago I guess. I wasn’t aware it was the sequel to Crime Fighters. This game has a big dude doing a Luger Torture Rack so, I’m in. Lol

  7. I want the Neo-Geo AES port from Bitmap Bureau quite badly Scarlet. They might as well take my pre-order money at this moment. 8^)


  8. I never even heard of Final Vendetta until yesterday…checked for the release date. Oh Midnight 6/17/22??? DOWNLOADED IMMEDIATELY. With this and TMNT, I’m back in fighting beat ‘em up retro HEAVAN✊🏽🔥👊🏽💥I LOVE this game and the soundtrack.

  9. this game really looks great , good vid again well done , im surprised didn't mention the garou vibe about the graphics , (which is about as ideal as we could hope for when we see a 2022 arcade game this good really lifts the heart .

  10. The characters have a KOF / Noise Factory vibe to them for me. By the way, the physical release is not an LRG exclusive over here in the EU, so you might be able to snag one. Doubt it'll come with an OST, though. With this AND Shredder's Revenge coming out, it'll be a brawly summer. Also, have you checked out Battle Axe yet? That's another modern Numskull / Bitmap Bureau arcade romp.

  11. As always, great video! I pre-ordered this and Shredder's Revenge from Limited Run and I'm really looking forward to playing them, great time to be a fan of beat'em ups.

  12. Ok so first off I love your review and I will definitely be picking this up tonight on my XboX series X !!
    I am also very interested to find out more about the NEO•GEO version. However you mentioned that when this comes out for the NEO that it will likely be the best beat em up on the system ?.?…. I think you have forgotten that Burning Fight is a NEO•GEO game as well… it's alright though, we all make mistakes 😉

  13. I am on the same boat, time has become a precious commodity the more I get older so playing arcade games makes sense at my age. Yesterday TMNT Shredder's Revenge was released and now Final Vendetta, is the beat'em up genre making a come back ?

  14. I have Crime Fighters sitting in my garage. I think Vendetta is kind of a sequel. 4 player fun.

  15. I can’t wait to get this, I ordered the physical so have to wait for that to come in. Bitmap does no wrong in my eyes

  16. TMNT and Final Vendetta: a beautiful weekend awaits me and my Vewlix (yes, I bought them both)

  17. Oh god, I'm so stoked for the Neo Geo version now. This game looks fantastic! Best Neo Geo beat em up is a pretty low bar right now, I'll be happy to have a really GOOD one finally.

  18. What I like about BitMap Bureau is the intended limitations.

    While I love retro throwbacks like the new TMNT game or Dead Cells… two beautifully animated "Pixel Art" games… I don't believe either of those games could have been made on a Genesis/SNES or even Neo Geo.

    BitMap makes games and they set a rooftop (somethign that could be played on Neo Geo), and they push their games to the limit of that rooftop to a point where you can actually play the games on say the Neo Geo without any sort of heroic inside the cart chip augmentations like say… Paprium… where the Genesis cart they made seems more sophisticated than the Genesis itself.

    BitMap takes amazing artists, musicians, sound engineers and a staff that really holds reverence to that retro feel and gameplay and makes me feel believe I simply missed this arcade in my youth and re-discovered it through emulation and a recommendation.

    When I watch the animations of Final Vendetta I get some really powerful Garou Mark of the Wolves vibes. Garou was released 3 years prior to say… KoF 2003 and it almost felt like it had no business being on the Neo Geo hardware nearly a decade after its release (I mean, look at the difference between Burning Fight and this… then look at the difference between say the original Fatal Fury and Garou). The Animations were so smooth and detailed… you now realize how much work that must have been to do… you would practically need a Disney animation team to get all the work done.

    This game is impressive, and I'm really looking forward to playing it.

  19. You forgot to mention Bitmap did put out Battle Axe last year and it's a great homage to the medieval fantasy arcade games of the 80s/90s. They even got the lady who composed Capcom's Magic Sword and King of Dragons' soundtracks aboard on that one. It's great stuff!

  20. This has a wide release in other countries. If you missed out on ltd runs physical, look overseas.

  21. Badass. Oh I'm picking up a few new cabs too lol kickman ect I still need a missile command control panel lol keep a eye out

  22. Thank you for the review and we're glad you enjoyed the game!

    Limited Run should definitely have some stock releasing to their Amazon US store at some point I'm told, so keep an eye on their socials if you're in the US and want to pick up the physical w/o importing!

    Time to take out the trash 👊👊👊

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