How to smoke in #valorant #valorantclips

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#valorant #valorantclips #valoranthighlights

Cr remvalorant


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  1. Only smoke like this if you or you teammates are going to hold the smoke from a distance. A smoke that's further out makes it harder to flash out of and allows a teammate to rat in a corner

  2. U are supposed to smoke like that but ur spose to smoke the outside of market tho it makes it so they can't play there and they don't have room to push out bc it up high

  3. Bruhhh you making this shit a year later hahaha and that didn’t get u radiant lol u got carried

  4. I've been doing that recently but sometimes I leave space for me to tp there and get some free kills

  5. These all are lies.
    The only thing that could take you to radiant is your FCK*** aim. Believe me I am in bronze 😮‍💨😮‍💨

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