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Is Angry Birds Epic returning?

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in this video, i will be discussing the rumors around the game angry birds epic returning and see if there is any truth to these claims and how likely it is for angry birds epic to return.

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  1. Considering Angry Birds EPIC was a fan favorite game it would be a shame not to get it back. There are news on the website that old games will be remade so we have a very high chance of seeing EPIC return. Let's hope it happens

  2. I would love getting this amazing game back and if we do get Epic back a game like AB Fight would be nice to bring back

  3. Angry birds epic, my favorite game from the angry bird series.. if they bring it back I will be in tears.

  4. I'm happy to see all of the originals are coming back good job new angry birds epic developer the community love's you in how many years the game was removed now it's making a comeback the my childhood is happy to see this

  5. It can be possible but there is also a chance it will be put to cost money or be in the arcade section.

  6. Honestly I don’t think Angry Birds epic will return because chimera Entertainment was the primary developers of this and rovio was only a second hand and this was released back in 2014 and the games last update was August 8th 2018

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  8. i love this content. Also i would like to know if Angry Birds GO! or Angry Birds Fight! will ever return.

  9. This masterpiece was the fine line between f2p and p2w. The grind is what fun about this game,it never gets boring

  10. they also added the full ab epic soundtrack to their ab gaming channel im not sure if its remastered but im pretty sure it is a remastered soundtrack

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