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Jazzminton, a new game invented in Clearwater, now sold nationwide

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Steven Mueller of Clearwater was looking for a new sport involving a paddle and birdie that didn’t need a court and that’s what led …


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  1. I am living in Hong Kong and I know that this game has been playing for quite a long time in China and Taiwan. The only "invention" is the hollow net thingy which restricts the scope of the shuttlecock and speed up the pace of game!

  2. This looks like something fun to play at a bbq like cornhole. I hope they set these up everywhere

  3. Very novel concept. I genuinely hope that your new game gains attention and becomes popular.

  4. Invention??? It's not an invention, it's just a couple small changes from Badminton/Tennis/Pickleball…. Yall are stupid A.F He will be sued 100%

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