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*NEW* QR CODES + NWO PACK OPENING!! – [WWE SuperCard Season 8]

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NWO Pack Opening And 2 QR Codes! We’re also gonna be opening Quest Rewards! QR Codes included! Which NWO Cards did you get from the Quests/QR Codes?

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  1. from the Qr codes ive gotten Syxx & Hogan i havent finished the quest jus yet im almost done with the quest tho

  2. So far with the QR Codes and Quest done i have Pro Hogan, Single Bischoff & a single Kevin Nash!

  3. All 5?! Holy NWO. Pass the luck this way. 😂 I still need Hall and Bischoff… so I’m eyeing that Hall of yours, vigorously. 😂

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