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One World Nation P2E | MultiChain Metaverse Gem | Crypto Games to Generate Income

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In this video, I will be reviewing OWN One World Nation.


Minor Project Updates

— NFTs minting on 20th May 2022
— There will be 12 clans of different crypto clans.
— 400 Cryptonite NFTs in each clan.
— 4,800 Total NFTs in Phase 1 launch.

Here are the project links
👉 Discord: https:// – check below *

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👉 One World Nation Official Website:

👉 Discord:

👉 Whitepaper:

👉 Twitter:


How to Set Up METAMASK Video ⬇️

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  2. We might get to see metagods at the top of gamefi soon, this p2e project with it's gamefi quality is fascinating

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  4. well discuss.. i love this video content 😍 for sure many will love this too like the METAGODS for sure it will become one of the best nft games

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