Sifu Full Game – [Gameplay/Walkthrough]

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Sifu Full Game – [Gameplay/Walkthrough]

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Mastering a martial art takes years – if not a lifetime. Disciples must hone their bodies to the point that they perform every attack, every counter, every movement with pinpoint precision. A skilled warrior must move without thinking. Likewise, mastering Sifu’s combat system takes a high degree of dedication and practice. Like a true martial artist, you must push through the practice pains before you reap any rewards.

In 2017, Sloclap released the martial arts-themed action/RPG Absolver, which let players design their own combat system as they battled other online players in a unique fantasy world. Absolver suffered from its barren environments and uninspired quest design, but its core combat was solid. Sloclap’s follow-up game sharpens that combat system around a more focused single-player adventure. The premise is promising, though the execution is flawed.

At its heart, Sifu is a simple revenge story. Eight years ago, a band of mysterious thugs brutally murdered your master, and you’ve dedicated your life to hunting them down and enacting justice. Unfortunately, the ringleaders of this attack hide behind dozens of bodyguards, and the odds aren’t in your favor. But where your opponents have the numbers, you have the gift of resurrection. A magical talisman at your hip revives you when you fall in battle. The catch is that each time you die, you age. Every death adds one digit to a death counter that dictates how many years you age during rebirth. For example, after your first death, you only age one year, but after a few knockdowns, you can lose five or six years in a matter of seconds. This aging system is a neat way to track your progress across the game, and I liked watching my character’s posture change as the grey hair and wrinkles set in.


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