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Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

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David Rawlings, a Sword Master and founder of the London Longsword Academy, breaks down some more of the weapons from Elden Ring, everything from spears, morning stars, twinblades and giant anchors.

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Firearms Expert Reacts Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpg6WLs8kxGMgYb13XjPgOKbm5O-CDq7R

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Weapons Featured:

Intro: 00:00
Morning Star: 00:35
Halberd : 2:43
Handaxe: 4:49
Spear and Shield: 6:14
Giant Anchor: 8:03
Twinblade: 8:36
Dual Shields: 10:38


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  1. Hey hey!

    I appreciate you watching the second part of our Elden Ring breakdown.

    If you want David to check out some of the more outlandish weapons of the game, be sure to like the video, subscribe and let me know in the comments what weapons you’d want to see.

    And of course, and other games that you want to see us cover, leave those below too!

    Thanks for watching!

  2. that guy is a larper who knows as much about weapons as he does about the world outside his mommy's basement

  3. I have to dislike the video purely on the principle that they killed an armored dog at the beginning. I simply can’t let this slide 😤

  4. I've seen the overhead helicopter-of-death type thing referenced in group combat context where you'd be hidden behind a row of shields so you're free to snipe at your opponents with something like a longer polearm. It's also worth mentioning that people tend to assume that battle axes are similar to fire axes or felling axes when in reality, the blades are actually very thin, so they're really a lot less weighty than you'd expect. The dual shields reminded me of a quote from Fiore (famous historical longsword master); "offense without defense is foolish, but defense without offense is suicide", although to be fair, many historical treatises do stress the fact that you can – and should – hit people with your shield.

  5. The whole "poke from behind a shield" tactic is frowned upon as a cheap/cheesy tactic by many Elden Ring players, and the funny thing is that's also one of the most viable fighting methods in the game as it translates to real life, because in reality, you would almost ALWAYS try to keep your shield up while attacking, whether it be with a thrusting weapon, or swinging a sword, or an axe, or a mace. In real life, fighters would keep their shield up as much as possible, but video games tend to balance things out by making you drop your guard to attack with most weapons (just look at how Link traditionally throws his shield to the side when attacking with his sword, for example.)

  6. Honestly I hope you take up his suggestion of getting an expert in historical armour as that would be quite fun to watch. The armour in this game is amazing to look at and very detailed. Of course you can always scar the expert for life by showing him the Godskin's armour sets.

  7. You don't know how close I came to downvoting the video when I saw what you did to that poor turtle. Unforgivable!

  8. If the soulsborn games have taught me anything about fighting, the best way to keep from getting hit isn't a shield, just open a door

  9. Ya, good point on spears.
    I have one from cold steel, but actually sold as a two piece item. Obviously, assembled it’s a spear but tip is entirely meant to be handled by itself too as a “survival” knife or last resort should haft break. It’s a good sized “knife” at that too and double edged, thrusting gives the reach but easily slash with it too

  10. Vermintide 2 could be a cool game to cover. First person perspective on medieval weapon use and they apparently did a good amount of research on how they're used

  11. To be fair, slashing weapons are worse against heavily armoured opponents in the game. But yeah, gameplay, the rule of cool etc. 🙂

  12. To be fair there are cutting actions with spears, not all of them have it but for example the heavy movement set for the Partisan is cutting, in addition to the light hits animation that are only thusts…

  13. I'm intrested what expert thinks about Godfrey's move set, if expert is reading this i'm waiting for reply under this comment.

  14. I'd like to see this guy do a breakdown on melee weapons in Vermintide tbh. I've always thought they were really well represented.

  15. This would be a great series! Games like Kingdom Come Deliverance or even some of the wack crafting you can do in Bannerlord would be really cool.

  16. I mean, it would be cooler to see whoevers capturing the footage try to go through an entire weapon's moveset. I'm not saying David needs to comment on it all, but there's the rolling attacks, jumping attacks, the backstep attacks, the guard counters, plus the 1 handed and 2 handed movesets.

  17. It would be interesting if he reacted to the most crazy weapons in elden ring, the ones with unique weapon arts

  18. "I don't know how you would fight with an anchor"

    Well it's simple

    Use a dolphin to get you closer to the enemy

  19. Fromsoft combat is ANYTHING but realistic:) Good that an expert finally proved it. Still love the game.

  20. It occurs to me, when you are ready to BREAK David's sanity, my I suggest Monster Hunter? Where else can you swing an airplane wing AND an electric bass into enormous dragons?

  21. Wish they showed a couple weapons per class in the montage because some of the alternate moveset's for weapons cover what he's talking about. Like the Partizan having the some slashing attacks to at least talk about.

  22. I'd like to see Anchors joining the ranks of weapon training at David's Longsword Academy 😀

  23. One thing that I love with Fromsoft is this mixture of weapons that are historically accurate (such as the claymore or the Zeihander) and others that are completely ridiculous…Like the anchor or the Game of throne ultra great sword (that man probably had a good laugh when he saw it).

    About shields used as weapons, there was an enemy in Dark souls 2 who fought with a couple of giant shields which were so meant to be dual-wielded that each of them depicted one half of the full picture that was planned to appear once you put them next to each other. XD

  24. 10:09 this is actually a thing in game to a degree. Enemies in armor or made of hard materials like enchanted stone or metal are highly resilient to slashing weapons and are weaker to more blunt weapons.

  25. There is so many weapons in Elden Ring, this needs to be its own series, please make it happen.

  26. Doing one of these videos for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be amazing, there's a lot of variety in the melee weapons there, with some real oddballs, and I wonder how realistic the weapons and the movements would be.

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