The Best Specialists in Battlefield 2042! (Season 1)

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These are the best specialists in Battlefield 2042 after the release of Season 1. It has been about 4 months since my rankings …


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  1. Gosh that is really sad. I cannot argue McCabe being powerful, but he is the only specialist that does nothing for anyone else. For that reason, only selfish pricks use him and it is a shame that it forces the game play to be more about being a specialist than a teammate.

  2. Love playing as Paik. Especially on breakthrough but I’ve noticed lately on the new map I end up playing Sundance because she is ridiculously over powered when it comes to flying though the tunnel on breakthrough or into cliff side room

  3. Angel no longer provides armor through revive, instead Angel give full ammo to the one he revive.

  4. Angel is still the best specialist even after the nerf. Revives, ammo, and the ability to resupply gadgets whenever you want for yourself and teammates is too damn good. Unfortunately the vast majority of Angel players don't drop the box or don't know how too.

  5. Mackey is favorite I used his grappling hook to hook my self on the enemy mother ship and C5 that think

  6. The best specialists is obvious. It's Irish for the same reason it used to be Angel. He has more health then everyone because of armour. He's the only specialists that doesn't need to choose armour because he gets it from ammo packs. Every other specialist should choose armour over the other gaget's. More health = wins gun fight against the person who doesn't have armour

  7. I think the passive ability of Irish should give to Dozer, make it harder to kill while keep meleeing and getting the armor

  8. They aren't specialist…they are clones. They suck. we told them we didn't like or want them…yet here we are…talking about clones. On the new map you see 15 Sundance clones throwing grenades down the halls the whole battle.

  9. What I really like about Casper's drone is how you can disable tanks, other vehicles, and equipment temporarily. It so fun to just EMP them

  10. Its frustrating that Mackay is the best because I find it results in me largely playing the same way. I think they should consider making the default strafing speed faster for all the automatics except the LMGs. And maybe even introduce minor but stackable strafe speed buffs with certain attachments: the movement accuracy grip, CQC ammo, and shortened barrel. Where if you combine them all you get up to Mackay's level. Further, the flashlight should improve hipfire a tad, and the laser sight needs a straight up buff.

    Almost every other specialist's abilities can be made somewhat redundant with equipment or grenades. It seems dumb for that not to also be the case with Mackay and to a lesser extent Sundance.

    They ought to introduce a mobility gadget as well. Doesn't need to be as powerful as the grappling hook and wingsuit of course. Maybe an improved parachute of some kind and/or climbing gear.

  11. im too lazy destroying vehicle soo i've been using rao for awhile now.. it's fun to makes enemy vehicle run away lmao

  12. I do not mean anything by it but each time you pronounce Paik, it sounds like "pig" to my ears.

  13. Waiting for them to stop putting next gen console in the same lobbies as PC. If they added consistent content to the game there would be enough players and less AI, which they are obviously embarrassed of. I’m on PlayStation and can hold my ground with you PC guys but man I can only think how I’d do against only console players. Hoping the devs don’t fuck this up moving forward.

  14. Play mostly as Falk. Been trying to branch out but love running the ammo crate and prox grenade combo. Great vid!

  15. 100% agree with the list and especially Lis, she's really only a problem with so many people using her ATM, she's pretty underwhelming in small numbers but fun nonetheless when you get those final hits as vehicles retreat 👌

  16. Catalyst I think they removed Sundance EMP grenade because they were used so little, they said something about wanting to simplify and streamline her kit.

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