The Question Battlefield 2042 Developers Don't Want to Answer

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Battlefield 2042 developers have been asked the same question over 150 times, and have yet to answer it. What’s the deal with Platoons? Today we’re briefly looking at how Platoons could play an important role in redeeming the maligned game.

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  1. they ignore a lot of stuff, the biggest thread on the forums is about the retricted xp and progression in solo/coop and theres a big one about server browser. Both go ignored.

  2. As a leader in Clan AOD (A fairly large PC Battlefield clan) the lack of platoons and community tools is frustrating. DICE continues to remove tools like platoons and it hurts communities and the larger community on the whole. Every release we get more and more sterile and casual – less and less BCITW.

    Thank you for making this video. 👍🤙

  3. They NEED to drop specialists. I have played Battlefield since Bad Company 2. My clan had so much hope for BF2042 and everything we thought they would port some of the best qualities from BF4 1 and 5. None of us expected specialists. We talked about how squad leaders should be able to talk to other squad leaders, maybe even spawn on them. Just a few examples of what we wanted or hoped for. None of us are COD fans, or play APEX. I have played them both and BF2042 is a clone of those games.

  4. Yes, platoons were awesome. I used it just for a place my friends and I could see each other and feel more like a persistent group. During work hours, when I couldn't play, I would check out what everyone else had been doing and look forward to the night ahead. It gave the game life outside the game itself. I really feel like you nailed it in this video. I really hope it gets some attention.

  5. I bought the game a few days ago and played it when I had EA pro…I swear to get the game has not changed same old bullshit game is done IMO

  6. That's what I say since BF1 Rental Servers as in BF4 were the best to built community. That's why BF4 is still there.

  7. To me with the current setting meant to be factions of No-pats makes aboslutely no sense there isnt a "platoon" feature. The whole story behind the game is people banding together into No-Pat factions…. DICE PLS this is like the perfect way to going about it….. Hell even that epic short story audio log was about 2 factions of no-pats fighting each other.

  8. I think anything to restore the experience from games prior would go a long way towards helping the experience.

    I don't know if they feel they shouldn't devote dev time to it, or if they're trying to homogenize the "battlefield experience" by not having platoons, but I really think it is needed to help the hand stay alive.

  9. I keep asking why squads are so useless now..there's no incentives to following squad squad points, no perks.
    Working to call in a missle or op vehicle was half the fun of each round..2042 has nothing.

  10. DICE (or perhaps EA's Marketing Execs) don't want Battlefield communities like those keeping BF4 going. Like most big companies these days, they know customers will buy their hyped up crap. They want 'the mass market' to buy a new Battlefield game every year. They want impressive quarterly figures and don't give a flying fark about long term, loyal, happy customers, because they don't have to.
    Look at Diablo Immoral. Great franchise makes an average game with horribly predatory business model and they are making a massive profit.
    Companies are greedy and lazy, but customers are, apparently, loving it.

  11. Platoon hhhh … all players will fit in one and there is more space still… im still playing against bots after the last update 20 vs 15 and the rest is AI

  12. I feel like platoons is an important but very small portion of what battlefield is. There's so much more to be working on. Atleast you can add bf friends on the social tab

  13. i would say that one of the biggest problems with platoons, is team stacking… when a casual player gets into a game thats full of [insert platoon name here] players, its not received too well.. and the team stacking leads to complaints of team balancing, and then "im playing with my friends, why did it split us up???" .. so the way i see it is that this is dices way of dealing with those issues.. hope to see them add support for clans soon though!

  14. The split between old gen and new gen has been traumatic for the bf community. And then to release 2042 in the state it was has completely torn the bf community even further apart. DICE and EA must take cognisance of that and really come to the party in this respect. They must keep the momentum going because everyone is excited and playing. They mustn't lose the opportunities to shine as they are now.

  15. Although i don't care about this feature, i stand with the BF community in expecting a response

  16. You know … i would of said yes. but before VOIP came out everyone and rheir moma were crying. now with VOIP OUT only 6-15% off people use it. COME ON

  17. Honestly want there to be a cross play option of "console only" I want the ability to have full servers without having to suffer playing against PC players

  18. ive never actually cared too much at all about platoons and have never used them in the previous games. I think the far more pressing issues are the specialist/classes situation, the lack of content (only 1 or 2 actually good maps, slacking weapon and item catalogue), and the missing server browser in non-portal modes. Rentable and persistent servers are def in the same vein as the browser so totally agree with that part , but in terms of platoons i would be kinda miffed if they put time into and added that before the aforementioned updates.

  19. Community run Servers were the Best thing in BF3 & BF4…. I used to play in a Christian Based Server, It was Great No Cussin, No TrashTalkin unless it's done in FUN….. And it had a VeryStrongBase…. Everbody was Friends….Dam I miss that!!!!

  20. Lets be honest, they have already given up 🙂 they onmy put out content to fullfill the season pass coming with gold and ultimate edition.
    Had they not made those edition, we would have seen another Anthem here.
    The game lacked vision and rumours says it started as a battle royal, just to be put back in a more standart battlefield package.

  21. my questions:
    1. Why are we so attached to specialists instead of traditional classes?
    2. Where is the variety in guns, weapons, attachments, ammo types, etc.?
    3. If the campaign was cut for bettering the multiplayer, why was it worse in terms of content volume & polish?
    4. Why did we abandon rental servers, server browsing, etc. when its been a staple for years?
    5. Why isn't it free on EA Play already? Surely if its was available for anyone to at least try, I think they could win over some new players, no?

  22. At the very least rented servers with admin tools allows independent clans to build their communities. That's what our clans did.

  23. Sadly, everything goes in cycles. I stopped playing CoD after the first MW, they all started to feel like the same. Stopped playing halo after the bungie/MS drama, that was obviously never going to be the same. Infinite has that good halo feel with all the modern monetization fuckery. Gran Turismo got greedy, diablo got waaaay greedy, only stood to reason that a day would come and the golden age of battlefield would be over. I'm glad Jackfrags and the boys are enjoying the game, making videos and having fun. I cannot download this game again.

  24. I'm just confused to why they created something then not have it in the latest battlefield. People just want to be a part of something and I'm not sure why that feature is not part of BF2042

  25. I don't really care about platoons, but I'm baffled by the amount of small things that could be easily patched, but aren't – stop disbanding lobbies after every game, dont force attack aircraft pilots to pray for squadmates to join in, give disctinct symbols to all individual vehicle types, stop the forced deploy at round start, just add in some random guns with slightly different stats… the list goes on and on

  26. I would love platoons to be a thing and for ladders and clan matches to be a thing again. I miss those days.

  27. They are probably gonna release a statement about how they cant implement platoons in the current Battlefield because the tech isnt there yet.

  28. Platoons are the reason I stayed with the franchise so long. IMO Dice will not bring back rental servers or platoons for 2042. They're not ready to listen to us just yet.

  29. We should be allowed to setup our OWN servers, like in the good old days. Setup as server in your home, host the game, and create the communities that we had in the 90s and early 00s.

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