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Ummm what Calus doin'? Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 lore episode! This Destiny 2 lore video explores Calus and what he is planning in Season of the Haunted! Has Calus transformed? Evolved? Become the next disciple?

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📖 Season of the Redacted predictions
📖 Season of Risen Recap
📖 Witch Queen Campaign summarised
📖 Saladin is a monster
📖 Friendly Hive Guardians
📖 The Collapse, Savathun Saved Us!
📖 Lisbon returns!

🏫 Episode 4 ft. Aztecross and Nohjaa
🏫 Episode 3 ft. Rick Kackis
🏫 Episode 2 ft. Traveldanielle and Datto
🏫 Episode 1 ft. ayyitschevy

Spider is BACK! Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games


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  1. the darkness and the witness both left calus unread on the group chat and he literally went to their dorm asking if they knew he existed

  2. literally gave it an instant like because of your adorable baby! congratulations mate from one new father to another 👍

  3. Congratulations I had my second son on the 20th of May! Been keeping me out of the game also 😂

  4. I think Leviathan will definitely change aesthetic into the pyramid black angular stuff and probably come back next year

  5. So crazy thought that just came to mind what is calus is becoming one with the pyramid not to fight us but to grant us the power from within because tbh if you really think about he's been talking about wanting to help us an give us power beyond our desire an we are the ones always trying to kill him but what if he's not actually the bad guy an he's just using the witness to gain access to the pyramids power because if you listen to his robots in the server mission he's all about helping us even tho we pretty much are out to kill him

  6. Going back to the winnower and gardener where the Gardner was fed up with the winnower killing everything it made and thus breaking away from it, what if The Witness seeks “The Final Shape” to prove their original debate of life and whether it should live or die? What if The Final Shape is what happens when everything dies and The Witness just wants to see what that will look like? To see the the answer to the question the winnower and Gardner have been asking since the beginning

  7. @27:07 hmm Rhulk had his eyes on Elsie and Eris. Calus doesn't need a pyramid, he already has his leviathan. So it could be that the Europan pyramid is for Elsie when she becomes a disciple and the lunar one could be for Eris.

  8. Here is what concerns me a bit. We find out Mars was taken and basically picked apart by the witness to understand (probably) why the collapse failed. Savathun called it a post-mortem… Mercury housed the infinite forest with it's immense potential for destruction….and the witness took it. Makes you wonder what he did with it.

  9. Went looking for egregore near the Drifter and instead noticed that the lower levels of the tower now have spores in the air…. Rut roh.

  10. Thats a beautiful baby Leo!
    Does this mean every time Guardians die on the Leviathan, we're feeding the fungus? cause man, I've died a lot on that ship…

  11. 8:53 To answer that guy’s question, it all depends on where Mars, Io, and/or Mercury is in their orbits around the Sun or Jupiter, respectively. Although, most ships have jump drives in the Destiny universe; but, maybe the Leviathan can’t have one due to how much energy it would require to perform a light speed jump.

  12. If death feeds the egregore, then we're helping Calus with every kill in containment, patrols, and sever. The ones that aren't nightmares, at least

  13. Didn't we learn the leviathan was a living ship I'm vanilla d2 or season of opulence? Or am I misremembering that?

  14. Second Comment buuuut…
    We're talking about the Egregore, shared consciousness, perhaps a Hive Mind? Then about Calus ascending, shedding his flesh etc. We even got a mention of the Final Shape. What does Megamind aka the Witness have floating around his head!? Loads of other heads/faces, are those Disciples that have shed their mortal bodies & are now part of the shared consciousness, the final shape!?

  15. Eeeeeyy!!! Great name choice! My boy LEO is gunna be 2 in August!

    As for Calus, I've been waiting for you & Byf to make videos discussing some of the bizarre voice lines he's been coming out with!!

  16. The baby! 🥳🧑‍🍼 congratulations! Fair dinkum can't wait till you watch Bluey with the little dude. My kids and I love the show.

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