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Apex Legends New Future Roster and Legend Abilities

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Apex Legends New Future Roster and Legend Abilities as yesterday we had a massive amount of new information drop about 9 new legends such as New Castle, Hawk/Vantage but so many more including a full breakdown and gameplay of how their abilities work and their connection to the Apex Legends Story. This comes on the heels of Valk’s Heirloom and the new Bangalore Heirloom Skin and so much more but this is only the start of what we will cover!
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  1. I really like conduit , I’m going for 3 mains I’ve got 2 locked in Rev and Crypto, I’m hoping conduit is my 3rd

  2. If you look back at the old leaks from the preseason it looks like Vantage’s abilities are the same as the old leaked legends Prophet. I’m really hyped for this Legend to come to the game as I’ve been waiting to have a sniper based character

  3. These leaked legends are really cool looking. I mean look at her she screams badass, dark, and sexy all at the same time. It’s kinda shame that the leaked legends end not being as cool the ones that are official.

  4. I'm telling you, respawn is making the new legends based off previous characters/heavily taken/inspired by the older characters and making that kit better than the original character rather than making another unique character or buffing the old ones.

  5. Not feeling it. Each legends kit can be reworked into current legends SOMEHOW, but not definitely. The uniqueness is gone outside of Vantage, Jester, and Phantom.

  6. I wonder how similar jesters model will be to the phase pilot from titanfall. Will it be similar like it's inspired by it, will it look like they used the model as a starting point, or will it be completely new?

  7. hey small channel looking to go big one day i edit with phone the $50 will allow me to buy a pc but i enjoy the video/ and good luck on giveaway guys

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