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Black Blade Kindred Boss Fight (No Damage) – Forbidden Lands [Elden Ring]

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Elden Ring – Black Blade Kindred Boss Fight (No Damage Taken) & Location in Forbidden Lands / Black Blade Kindred No Damage Boss Fight Guide Melee Only, Solo, No Summons / Tutorial / How To Beat Black Blade Kindred Elden Ring. Just a quick video showing the Black Blade Kindred boss fight and location in Elden Ring. Details below.

After having fought these enemies a few times now, including the one in the Duo Valiant Gargoyles fight, I wasn’t too fussed about using my higher level stuff to make it a bit faster. Same approach as the others on this, and a pretty straight forward fight.

Game progression: I’ll be progressing through the game naturally, trying to find all the side-dungeons and bosses along the way, and post them as I go. I won’t be farming for levels or materials, but at the same time I won’t be actively avoiding them to keep under level either. There may be some bosses I miss along the way and come back to later, or naturally I might end up stronger for some fights compared to others as I progress. I’ll be uploading all bosses, so some will obviously be a lot easier than others. The strategies I show will work regardless of level or upgrades though, as shown by all the previous FromSoftware boss fights uploaded on the channel. Feel free to check those out too! By this stage, I did end up actively avoiding leveling up for around 60 bosses in total, and I haven’t farmed anything in between.

Repeat bosses: There’s quite a few repeat bosses in different zones that are essentially the same fight, but I’ll still be uploading each individual one to show the location of them. As I’ll eventually have a no damage all bosses compilation, I want to include every single one, even if they are repeats. It does mean some will appear multiple times without significant differences to them, but I’d rather just have each of them individually on the channel to show the locations, rather than pick or choose a single one to upload and skip the rest.

Elden Ring All Bosses No Damage & Full Game Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWOYpP6sq1Fs-XJWHDiOyf5OL8zHpSq1l
All FromSoftware Boss Fights No Damage: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWOYpP6sq1FuJGg6VY-C_VpAbLqH-gxiu

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