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Bungie Just DELETED This From The Game.. (This is Strange?) | Destiny 2 Season 17

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With the Launch of Season of the Haunted Bungie REMOVED These mods from Destiny 2 and no one knows why.
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  1. Find it a bit odd how something that was once strong can be taken out from the game with no notice.
    Thanks for watching.

  2. Bungie at this point needs to hand the ip to a company that can actually make good games, destiny 2 has such a toxic player base that it makes no sense to keep this game on life support, trials players had to fight other sweats if they reached the tower that weekend, and they all started to cry like children, because they had to actually work for the win not just steam roll low skill players and bungies fix to that was to turn of SBMM bravo bungo you failed, this time you can't blame activision for this blunder.

  3. These changes WERE intended. They deprecated these mods (as visible in Year 2 armor with these equipped mods), they also removed Enhanced Heavy Lifting, Enhanced Bomber, Enhanced Dexterity perks, and even Helmet and Class Item Reserves from working. This was all stealth deprecated this season!

  4. This was absolutely intentional. The LW being updated with the raid pinnacle rotation meant running it would be “too easy” for veteran players.

  5. They removed it because they weren’t really used sort of a spring cleaning item on bungie’s list. It wasn’t announced because not every change made to the game has to be announced.

  6. Yeah destiny 2 is only getting worse. Glad to see elden ring is dipping so heavily into their profits.

  7. What's funny is they still drop. A clanmate who just came back to the game got one from the 1st chest b4 Shiro the other week when LW was thr rotator. I had only known the y1 versions had been depreciated as I had a bunch still left in my inventory and they're all blacked out but when my friend had his 3.0 version drop and tried to put it on one of the armor pieces he got he said they didn't work either, so I grabbed some old LW armor from the vault and checked myself. It's kinda ridiculous they still drop when they don't work, even in LW. At least when sunset weapons drop(like Warden's Law and the bugged Horror's Least) they can still be used in certain places. I'm wondering if it's just a bug or if they just didn't wanna bother with stopping them from dropping since most ppl have them already. Though having these along with Solar 3.0 healing would mean you would be baiscally invincible lol.

  8. We're easily more powerful than we were when the raid was released, that's more or less it I think.

  9. They probably have no idea they've broken something else, and it seems to be one thing they can get right at the moment. I can see a season of the broken coming soon 🤔

  10. I did notice them missing but hadn't thought much about it, I don't read every patch notes or twab so figured I'd missed it.

  11. I suspect that the next content is involving the taken so they want us to be weak against them by removing that mod helps that cause. This could be a confirmation that the taken King may be returning.

  12. i love how they still kept the wall glitch on the right of the entrance which can get you to kali really fast and allow you to fight her with respawns

  13. Bungie does stealth stuff all the time. I pulled out eyes of tomorrow a while back and the aimer was completely different. I pulled out d.a.r.c.i yesterday and I swear you couldn't see around the sight when you zoom like you can now like an acog sight. They constantly change things behind the scenes and never tell us half of stuff they do.

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