Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone – Fortunes Keep Is Okay

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Call of Duty Warzone – Fortunes Keep Is Okay

mouse settings:
sensitivity 4
monitor coeffect 1.78
mouse dpi 800

controller settings:
Sensitivity 6/6
Ads Sensitivity .85
stick layout default

Stream pc – Intel i5 4590 3.5GHz
Ram – 16Gb
Graphics Card – Gtx 2060
Capture card – Elgato hd60

Gaming Pc
Ryzen 5900x 5 GHz
Graphics card – Rtx 3070 8gb
Ram – 16Gb 3600

Microphone: Blue Yeti usb
Capture Card – Elgato hd60s
Mouse: Logitech g502 and gpro wireless
My Stream –
My Twitter –
my Discord –

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  1. there is a strat to this new map… I actually don't hate it. I didn't like it at first. I'm MKB. I'm new to rebirth but I have a 2kd

  2. This map ruined the game for me. Too many rooms, corridors, building and obstacles. It’s makes it easier to die from a camper and it’s just a big pile of shit.

  3. Very well put, this map has a lot of issues. 100% have to play smarter like you said, hoping that once people get used to it the camping is reduced a bit. Wishful thinking lmao
    Great video as always🤘🏼🤘🏼

  4. Couldn’t agree more. High hopes going into it, it’s a gorgeous map, but it so heavily highlights what I’ve always hated most ab warzone as opposed to MP.. the campy player base. Becomes more of a patience contest and less of a genuine skill contest

  5. Is there more aimassist on warzone? I feel like mnk on mw2019 multiplayer was super fun but it doesn’t feel the same on warzone. And it’s not the ttk because apex has an even longer ttk and requires even more tracking but has a lot of mnk players but on warzone I don’t remember the last time I saw a mnk player

  6. On the vibrancy note, that is a very real thing. Having more colors doesn't necessarily equal color accuracy/clarity. Especially rendered colors can contribute to visual noise. It's why color grading on YouTube videos can mean the difference between a clear video and one that gets grainy due to the video player trying to render all the details

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