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Debonair Renata | League of Legends Custom Skin

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Download on Killerskins: https://killerskins.com/yoru/mods/champions/debonair-renata/
Direct Download: https://bit.ly/debonair-renata
Mapskin: https://killerskins.com/yoru/maps/original-mystic-rift-by-existor/
Music: https://youtu.be/GS4KAWg2tXw
I’m Yorû, former Admin of Voxskins and Mapskins, now Co-Admin of Killerskins and Skin Creator since 2015.
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❌ Can I get banned for using custom skins?
Learn how to install Custom Skins with LCS manager: https://youtu.be/KF9z9TW36mA
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00:00 Intro
00:09 Turnaround
00:21 Joke
00:27 Taunt
00:34 Dance
00:42 Laugh
00:50 Auto attack
01:04 Q
01:26 W
01:46 E
02:07 R
02:28 Recall
02:38 Outro


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  1. would it be possible for your team to make an akshan attack on titan skin with odm gear, that would be insane

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