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Last week we had Shakur Stevenson:

It’s only right we brought back Devin Haney for Part 2. One of the brightest in the game right now, we just might need this pound for pound match ASAP.

But this not only about the matches we want to see, Haney always got game to share that might inspire the next generation of greats.

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.

Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.

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  1. Gillie 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾216 I be feeling you. Wallo 💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 I swear these two. Rl big brothers to people w/ open ears and pure hearts.

  2. Okay thats it Gillie da kid is THE FUNNIEST GUY ON THE INTERNET……including professional comedians, and its not even close!!!!!!

  3. I knew devin was guna come up after the shakur episode because gillie said he favours tank if they fight lol !

  4. The power of a father: "when Devin found out his father was approved to come to the fight, his confidence went up even more" #KINGS

  5. I lost my grandma back in September due to COVID, and I just dropped a song on my channel that I wrote for her. Hope it can reach anyone who has gone through something similar.👵🏾🧡🥺

  6. EBay is the biggest scam…yal tweakin “change the game” lol…don’t fk ya fans over over some ad money.

  7. He's a great boxer has the most potential, gonna be hard to beat He fights like a money May not pretty boy Floyd in my opinion

  8. Dat intro song was ass! Give dat nigga his money back n tell em don’t give his day job, don’t ever play dat shit again

  9. Devin said he wanted to be world champion and he did it wow 🤩
    And to think he was talking out the side of his neck 5 years ago barely able to turn pro what a story I been told niggas watch out for Haney years ago now watch out for boots

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