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Farm the Duality Dungeon with this Damage Bug, Now 😈

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You can easily farm the new DUALITY DUNGEON in Destiny 2 thanks to a (probably unintended) damage bug, allowing you an easy +50% weapon damage. Let’s go over how exactly to farm the Boss Encounter on Normal AND Master Difficulty! Farm either Stormchaser or Artifice Armor!
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  1. Is it possible to do this or something like this with just the Witch Queen DLC, no season pass or anything else?

  2. I don’t have this dungeon because it’s 30$, and I already paid for witch queen and the season pass. You’d think they would include the dungeon with the season pass……

  3. For posterity: The sword drops alongside the Mission Complete banner. This means you can have 3 drops in one boss kill, since you still get the 2 other chest drops.

  4. So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that radiant stacking with tier 1 buffs is/should be intentional.

    If they weren't, then there's no real reason to ever use half the mods or build options for extra damage, or you could replace becoming radiant with things that have somewhat easier upkeep. If they do end up nerfing it, hopefully they do something reasonable, like multiplying only half of the tier 1 buff with the radiant buff, for a total of 37.5% extra damage.

  5. Can someone just tell me what the "damage bug" part is so I don't waste 15 minutes watching this please

    Nvm I think the whole bug stuff was just the radiant+empowering.

  6. I’m literally watching glaive melee kills remove a stack of charged with light as you say they don’t 😂

  7. I’ve been farming this thing for 3 weeks. Specifically for the two craftable weapons. I get 80% armor drops and 20% weapons. Most of those weapons are the lfr. I’ve only gotten a handful of the menagerie weapons and only 1 redbar(my first drop) in 3 weeks. I’ve given up because I’ve done this thing so many times. It’s never going to happen for me if they don’t introduce a buff drop rate for these 2 weapons

  8. This may sound dumb, or some may say I’m just weak, but I’m normally a decent player, but this dungeon caused me to quit playing destiny, Normally playing so much I get up to rank 400 plus normally ,and I think I was hitting burn out, and the fact they made it so freaking hard and confusing at first, combined with the fact it was one of the first things I did in this season..we had played it for 5 hrs and didn’t beat it, as ppl kept quitting,or they sucked so bad we kicked the,, and finally the next day we tried again,and I simply went on the store purchased elden ring and haven’t looked back..I’m sure I will play again, but the Constant grinding it it’s like a drug the game has been made in such a way that you feel like you’re missing out and your behind or you got to do some thing ,you’ve got to turn the game on and you’ve gotta complete something and it’s an addiction with this game, so I say screw bungies mind games..peace out..

  9. Hey Fallout, I love your content and how you keep stuff rational. And thanks for the tips on Caitl.
    I know Destiny YTers use editors…. Could you ask your editor to slow the vid feed a lil more when peeping the loadouts. The 1st one, yours I presume, went by so fast I had to slow the playback to 0.25 lol 😅

  10. I wish content creators would stop advertising or start paying premium users for ads we pay to ignore

  11. opening up pinecone to sign up, get this message before I even put in any "Thank you for your interest in Pinecone Research.

    Unfortunately, there are no available openings for members with a household make-up that aligns with yours at this time. However, we will keep your registration for a few weeks in case a spot opens up in the queue for survey selection."

  12. Just as a warning for using tiny bells to get to DPS early: it spawns standard bearers like it normally does, meaning you have to deal with an additional 4 snipers in the boss room. You can kill them, but that removes high energy fire.

  13. For grabbing a checkpoint, character A doesn’t need to wipe to get it because you already completed the encounters leading up to the last one so all you need to do is change characters and start farming

  14. have a solar titan run tractor cannon with hammers to constantly give radiant and then have two warlocks with solar pop empowering rifts and use storm chasers. You can 2 bell caital every time

  15. Farm? All I ever get from this dungeon is armour CONSTANTLY. Feel like the weapon drop rate is 1% and armour is 99% all I need is the bloody pulse rifle but the way its been going im never getting it. Not sure if this is just me but if its the same for everyone the armour drop rate needs to drop abit and weapon put up

  16. Started signing up for pinecone but as I got more in depth with the signup, started to seem a bit sussy

  17. Bud… HEF stacks are used by glaives. You've even shown it yourself as you're explaining it lol. Everything else is great info, I really want my sniper scoped fusion lol

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