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Get your Currency EARLY, Starter Atlas Strat for 3.18 (Path of Exile, Sentinel)

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This is the Atlas Passive Tree I will be using in 3.18 Sentinel League to get early currency with low-investment! I will be respeccing into a Headhunter-strat eventually, but idk how exactly that will look like just yet! (Poe, Sentinel)

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Wish everyone a great leaguestart! 🙂

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My Starter Atlas Tree (Day 1-3), Get your Currency EARLY | 3.18 Sentinel (Path of Exile)


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  1. Unfortunately due to the way they changed rares I pretty much just farm maps and sometimes betrayal. I do like things like metamorphs and essences but they take too long to complete.

  2. i cannot help myself when it comes to anything like corrupt chest or div cards…also smugglers chest…I know it's prob not very lucrative currency wise but…Valley Of Steel map with the corrupt Strong boxes passives is insane.

  3. Great content as always, i was going to for for essences for a start, then maybe expeditions, harbinger … something like that

  4. Hey Pal what do you think about having Rukus and Rogue trader for early maps. White/yellows day 1. I’m thinking it’ll synergies well with the league mech and a good way to spam chaos recipe early. That way instead of 2 or 3 hours of early heist I could cut it to 45 mins to an hour then use the all the rares the Rogues will drop to find the early mapping.

  5. Atlas link is somehow bugged. Even after changing 3,17 to 3,18 on the dropdown menu its abit different than in the video.

  6. I really don't think you'll need Shaping the Valleys and Shaping the Seas for map sustain. Valleys is good for a late endgame setup to juice up the pack size with Fortune Favours, but Seas is 100% worthless now (it was changed in 3.18). It is so easy to progress through the atlas now anyway, so you don't NEED the extra chance for maps to be 1 tier higher. Shaping the Skies and Shaping the Mountains are somewhat better value since they at least give you useful free Kirac crafts to put on your maps later on.

    I've also strongly considered trying 10way Maven as an alternative to altars, but the reward does not seem very good even with max investment in Maven passives. Additionally, you'd have to do a bunch of different maps instead of 2 nice adjacent favorite maps.

  7. i made the exact same tree, feels good to know that i have some knowledge of the game…thx for the video and all the guides, im gonna start EA and this tree…

  8. Love all the coments about your slogan lmao if you're a long time watcher, you know 🙂
    Nice take on the nodes, was planning to go a similar way, but as I'm a slow player and I never buy maps, I'll probably go for map oversustain
    Good job as always!

  9. Eldritch Gaze will most likely increase % chance for drops… not amount of item drops. Previously altrars gave 1-3% for scarab and now it will be 1,5-4,5% per altar.

  10. early blight and get white and yellow blight map is op… your ring annoint alone can carry it ..good source of uniq/currency

  11. My tree is similar, bUt I'll get Strongboxes and heist instead of expedition on the first days to profit on fusings. I don't thing it will be that good to run expedition as random, I rather prepare for it and do multiple at a time with a proper tree for it – also, my charaacter likely won't be strong enough to kill juiced Voranas on the first few days.

  12. u sure about the gull and EA? Usually ea leaves items behind especially later on with more ms.. u gonna walk back for shrines too? I don't see it tbh but to each their own I guess

  13. I am with Grimro on Eldritch Gaze keystone, he thinks for example the 3% chance per mob to drop scarabs will become 4.5% with the keystone, so it should be very juicy if you can handle it.

  14. You should record your intros after the content and your slogan can be palsteron here from the future 😁

  15. I can't wait for all the failed uber maven gem corruptions to crash the price of the level 4 normal gems

  16. I just started watching your content, so I might be missing the joke. But I think "I still don't have a slogan" should definitely be your slogan.

  17. How about blight oil extractor farming for early on with your build? dont you think is worth to try? thanks for all the content, im definitely doing your EA for starter 🙂

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