GhostWire: Tokyo – Saving Rinko Scene

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GhostWire: Tokyo – Saving Rinko Scene (Blindness Mission)
GhostWire: Tokyo – Save Rinko & Torii Gates – Chapter III: Connection
Akito & KK Rescue The Real Rinko | Ghostwire: Tokyo

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In an instant, nearly all of Tokyo’s population vanishes and paranormal Visitors from another world take their place in the streets. As Akito, one of the city’s last living humans, you must join forces with a spirit named KK to put an end to the supernatural threat encroaching on Tokyo. Explore a unique vision of Tokyo twisted by a supernatural presence. From its ultra-modern cityscape to its traditional temples and narrow alleyways, discover a hauntingly beautiful city teeming with Yokai – vengeful spirts spirits that prowl the streets. Discover iconic landmarks like Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower

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