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How 2 well/shatterdive skate ft. Eager Edge | Destiny 2

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  1. I wrote an ahk script for well skating, used it for a month on my alt, no ban, and its not against tos to use ahk as long as your not afk farming.
    Press p to skate once lined up
    (if its not working its likely due to ur keybinds, my super is f, heavy swing is c and grenade hold is q, change those to what ur binds are)



    Send {3}

    Sleep 600

    Send {C}

    Sleep 60

    Send {F}

    Send {Space}

    Sleep 150

    Send {Space}

    Send {Q down}

    Sleep 10000

    Send {Q up}



  2. This was so much more detailed and better than other guides, they would usually say jump and ult at same time and i would miss 80% of the time but now i get it almost everytime. Thx alot!

  3. Woah. The editing and scripting of this is much higher caliber than I was expecting from a channel of your size, you deserve so much more attention. As someone with experience in editing/creating content myself, I can tell this took a while so great job 🙂

  4. Bro, this is edited and scripted really well! keep it up. This format and be yourself, you are funny to me and the editing was good. Subbed to show I mean it! Also thanks for the tips!

  5. little small tip, your timing can be slightly less tight is for you to stand a little further back of the ledge
    and eager edge is a 1 second duration (or atleast was if i can recall the TWAB correctly) so you don't really need to do it as you swap

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