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How Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Could Be The BEST Pokémon Games EVER!

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Today we take a look at Pokémon Scarlet, Violet, and Legends Arceus to get an idea of what the Gen 9 games can do to be the BEST Pokémon games ever!

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  1. what for last Pokemon game was shiny Pokemon quest that was fun for me because I suck at shiny hunting and because you Dex filled some it was hard for me but when add the cable in the game made better for because I don't have friends it bad that i even suck at life it self and that what mainly hurts me and I like it when some utubers pick me up a bit to make feel tiny bit better and sometimes get me back in mood of playing my Nintendo switch and my Nintendo 3DS and my games and knowing I am building my library of Nintendo switch games up until the Nintendo switch life spans end just wish life was this so hard for me that all

  2. I hope we get Apricorn Pokéballs again. The tree that Blissey was sitting next to looked like it had Red or Orange Apricorns. 🌳 🍊

  3. Pokémon legends arceus was a weak game. There was absolutely no challenge to it. I never liked Pokémon games where the Pokémon are just wondering around in plain sight. Keep the open world and integrate Diamond and Pearl gameplay.

  4. Naj bro, they shouldnt make gettin shinies easier, cuz they become less special

    I remember howsatisfying was to find a shiny before gen 6, now anyone has a shiny. Hell I even had 2 shinies during my main playthrough in Ultra Sun without even using any method

  5. If pokemon Violet and Scarlet are the official names, then I think the abbreviation should be VS.

    So Pokemon VS.

    Idk, what do you think?

  6. Anyone know if this game will have every Pokémon? I just wanna make sure I can get a charizard lol

  7. I know this probably wouldn't happen but i hope instead of rental pokemon to ride in S&V, it'll be cool to be able to ride one of our pokemon if they are big enough ( like in the lets go games but more efficient for travel ).

  8. Bringing back ride Pokémon would be cool IF you can register YOUR OWN Pokémon as ride Pokémon if you have the appropriate Pokémon for Surfing, Rock smashing, strength etc. that is. it wouldn't take an attack slot you can just surf of YOUR Gyarados when you want/need to and battle with it if its in your top slot.

  9. Personally I just want a different color for some pokemon. For me it's just a preference I don't really care if it's rare or not just give me my black and blue umbreon

  10. How do you implement Overworld Catching while getting rid of dynamic movement?

    The trick about catching was that you needed to aim and dodge at the same time. Just lobbing Pokeballs at Pokemon from far away is too easy.

    I don't mind seamless battle transitions, but I REALLY don't want overworld catching. It takes away the fun and the aiming is too annoying. (Yes, even with the Lock-On)

  11. I think dodging and pokemon attacking you should be in gen 9. I really want to be able to capture pokemon outside of battle, but if there's no danger to taking that approach, I feel like it will become boring, and it really removes what makes that aspect of the game fun. I don't want to just walk up to a garchomp and throw balls at it until it randomly captures, I want it to fight back and make it an actual challenge.

  12. Will they need to get rid of that bottom and top black bar when you’re actually battling it so freaking annoying you can’t even take in the full experience of the landscape when you’re battling also they’re not gonna do it in this next generation but they need to make it to where you can choose and create basically an adult character with a beard and different characteristics because for all time there will always be 90 to 99% of Pokémon players will be adults and that will only ever increase and the amount of kids who play Pokémon will always stay about the same from a certain age all the way to 17 but what will always happen is every single year there will be more adults and more adults and more adults just accumulating in growing in becoming the biggest fan base of Pokémon players of all time so they need to adapt them and get rid of the tutorial we have YouTube put your tutorial on YouTube make your own Pokémon channel we were you can watch it and then play the game or put a tutorial in there in the main menu watch it before you play or just play because it’s so freaking annoying to have to start a new game and have to sit through that forever

  13. I agree with you there but also they should bring the grand underground into scarlet and violet too. I loved digging up treasures!

  14. Lost me on the last one. Ppl would complain that it was too hard on getting one & now it’s “too easy”? 🙄

  15. I dont agree with the shiny point, I think the previous ways of getting shinys where dull and rewarded just sitting there and pressing a button for a few days.

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