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Metal Gear Rising – Revengeance Difficulty New Game Part 1

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Playthrough of the Metal Gear Rising on Revengeance Difficulty. This difficulty can only be done on New game if you use Konami code. This difficulty is meant to be played on new game plus, but I’m doing it on new game for added challenge.


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  1. Mistral is painful to fight because you can't break her polearm without an upgraded weapon or Reaper Mode.

    About the Armstrong fight: Fighting Armstrong without an upgraded Muramasa is pain, primarly because the Blade Mode gauge goes down so fast the precision cuts are really hard to do (the Metal Gear debris), the last one is near impossible so I just skip it, even if it means no heals. You deal much more damage with the QTE than you do using your sword. But yeah the game ASSUME you've bought the Muramasa and upgraded it. In fact I've failed the final Blade Mode (where you cut open his chest and grab the heart) TWICE because the gauge go down so fast if you miss a single swing, Blade Mode ends.

    But what bother me the most is the pre-fight with Armstrong, before and after he breaks your blade. If your weapon doesn't have improved damage, it takes 3 minutes or something to trigger the cutscene, same thing with the fist fight. It's a miracle if you can survive this but at this point, you don't have any healing left.

    Not to mention that if you had a bad time with Sam, you only have 3/4 heals for the Metal Gear and Armstrong 3 phases.

    Overall, the fight with Armstrong was much more epic than any of the Souls/Sekiro/Elden Ring bosses. You absolutely need to learn how to perfect dodge his shockwaves.

  2. Unless you have the white body equiped and a whole load of nanopaste,the section in armstrong's fight where you have to do precision cuts will be quite literally impossible due to the near instantanous FC drain on the un-upgraded murasama and the revengeance FC drain multiplier

    On short:have 10 nanopaste for the armstrong fight

  3. "Ah, now I see, you deny your channel it's purpose. It begs to bath in the blood of your gwent games, but you hold it back!" Good to see some changes to the menu 😉 MGRR is one of my favorite games. Keep it up!!!

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