NEW GOD GUN – Battlefield 2042

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checking out the new Overpowered gun in BF2042… ENJOY! 馃榾






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  1. have you played BF2042 since the new season dropped? what do you think of the new map/guns/specialist/vehicle? 馃憞馃檭

  2. So does 2042 still suck or can I finally buy it now..? Still just been lurking on bf5 but things are getting pretty stale鈥

  3. Bro pleased can you became my friend on PlayStation you are my Idol 馃檹馃檹馃ズ id GSTnicbig08

  4. Hey, TBAG. I'm here from Modest Pelican's old video. I hope you're in great health and fully hydrated. Cheers!

  5. Its never good u guys doing videos like this because the gun will be shit tomorow because now they know about her

  6. the high power ammo hits like a truck, almost SVK level damage. the recoil is VERY controllable, even on long barrel full auto. it's the kind of "i don't know what to use, just use this" gun.

  7. Love to try out this setup, but I can鈥檛 even find a lobby.

    Playing on Xbox 1 and it just puts me in empty lobbies. Someone freaking help.

  8. The AS Val seems to be OP in every game. BF3 it was broken it was pretty good in BF4, 2018 MW it鈥檚 OP too.

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