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New Leaked Legend Abilities Apex Legends + All Unreleased Weapons & Leaked Gameplay

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New Leaked Legend Abilities Apex Legends + All Unreleased Weapons & Leaked Gameplay This new apex legends video …


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  1. i think some of the legends for example vantage were already leaked a few years ago, cant wait to see them ingame

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  4. Getting tired of apex recycling and repackaging abilities from other characters. Every character should do something unique that others can't. Seer and bloodhound, wraith and ash, Gibraltar and Bangalore, horizon and octane etc… it's getting old

  5. Phantom looks really cool, I don't think this even ruins anything either. Like the story of the characters I find much more appealing than just the characters themselves.

  6. Almost all of these legends looks like better version of old legends. Maybe they should just use some of these ideas to rework OG legends and release new legends that feels originals and differents because these abilities are gonna put our dear old legends on the shelves.

    Why play Mirage when you can play Jester? Why play Rampart when you can play that legend with autoturret or Newcastle for his walls? Why use Wraith when you can send all your team into the void with that other dude? Etc.

    All these leaked abilities are super cool, no doubt about it, but way too overpowered and a little lacking in the creativity aspect tbh… for weapons tho, GG respawn !

  7. Some legends don’t fit the feel of apex to me, and uplink is literally a better version of lifeline. Anyways that’s just my opinion.

  8. Just release all the future legends at once and just work on new maps, weapons, vehicles, skins, Ltm modes and quality of life changes for the future!

  9. Unpopular opinion: Im not exited cause I main pathy and I feel like the double jump and grapple legend will make him irrelevant, and all these legends look op, not too exited

  10. I wonder if you throw a void bomb at someone in the void if it will send them out of the void

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