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Non-Gamer Watches #151 — WORLD OF WARCRAFT Dragonflight, and HEARTHSTONE

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Welcome to another Non-gamer watches! Today we are going to watch some Hearthstone and then the announce trailer for Dragonflight. I really love World of Warcraft and am so excited to watch this one!




▶️Here are the videos I watched today▶️

🎮 Rise of Shadows Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

🎮 Here’s the Plan! | Hearthstone The Dalaran Heist Cinematic

🎮 Saviors of Uldum Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

🎮Dragonflight Announce Cinematic Trailer | World of Warcraft

00:00 Intro
01:21 Rise of Shadows Reaction
03:09 Here’s the Plan! Reaction
05:39 Saviors of Uldum Reaction
07:26 Dragonflight Reaction
12:51 Outro

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  1. So you like Blizzard stuffs uh?! You should react to the whole history of the company and all the scandals 🙂

  2. Dyson Blade? as in Dyson Airblade? The Hand dryer, from the makers of Dyson Vacuum cleaners? You named your character after a hand dryer.

    I mean, if your character was named after a vacuum cleaner, it would make sense, because they both suck, but your character is named after a thing that just blows.

  3. It's different with these. Yes they are made of stone, they are Titan Constructs. Basically living Stone Giants and they feel, live and die. The Dragons Leaders left the Island in fear of corruption mainly in the Black Dragonflight. So when Alexstrasza (the matriarch of the red dragon flight) caught the watcher and flew up to let herself fall and glide around the spire , the relief in her face is coming from her caming back home finally after 10k years. With them and their powers (gotten them from the titans) the Island itself comes back to life. A missing puzzle piece is finally getting put back where it belongs

  4. I know how much you love Overwatch as well, so I wanted to let you know there’s a new Overwatch cinematic as well. It’s called “Wastelander” and it’s about Overwatch’s newest hero. I’d recommend that you check it out.

  5. I've watched the Dragonflight cinematic about 10 times and never once noticed the stone guy cracking until you pointed it out lol. Really changed the tone of the cinematic knowing he was just cold stone

  6. FINALLY!!! I was hoping you’d react to the saviors of Uldum trailer. They went hard on that trailer.

  7. Blizzard may have been a shitstorm of bad vibes over the last few years (probably longer behind closed doors). But one thing is for certain. Cinematics teams are masterful storytellers and craftspeople.

  8. Yees HannaH! Uldum is the best HS cinematic by far and so happy to finally see you watch it! What a banger that song is. After all these years, I still go back and listen to it once in a while.

  9. Hey just found your channel and blazed through a bunch of your vids! I highly recommend checking out the games Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. They are without a doubt the best Lord Of The Rings based games ever with a good story in my opinion.

  10. I just binge-watched all the non-gamer watches video and I have two recommendations:
    1: One of the big names and the classics: Half Life. I specifically suggest the fan-made remake of Half Life 1, called Black Mesa
    2: There's a youtube channel called Civvie 11 who does level-by-level reviews, and has covered some games you've reacted to before (mainly doom and wolfenstein), I would suggest watching his videos on doom

  11. 'They are made of stone! They should still wake up even though they were damaged!'

    They are constructs, it is basically the same as claiming that say… a phone should work after you broke the screen beyond repair or snapped it in half. Things break, and those watchers were broken, which is why they couldn't wake up.

  12. One of the things I hope they address is the fact that in the Legion expansion, they claimed that all the dragons had become infertile. Maybe, with access to their homeland, they can fix that…because baby dragons are too cute not to know anymore.

  13. I'm glad that WoW is moving back towards it's roots with the LotR feeling. I feel like Shadowlands, and to an extent Legion, strayed too far from that concept.

  14. If you are looking for new content to react to. I’d recommend Star Citizen trailers and starship commercials.

  15. Woh… waaiiiiit wait wait…

    "May 16th… two days before my birthday"

    So you're telling me, you have the same birthday as my dad? Cool!!

  16. Always love the Hearthstone cinematics. I can't wait until she catches up! Descent of Dragons and the puppet show were so good and I hoped she would get to them in this one, but I hope she gets to them soon, and the newest one, Voyage to the Sunken City is a BOP!

  17. Does making a WoW trailer reaction mean that the next Hearthstone reaction will be a while still? Because they're both set in the same world and made by the same studio?

  18. stone guy wakes up after 10000 years but doesnt succumb to corrosion i know its a sci-fi game but still even stones in real life dont last forever

  19. Someone asked but you should watch the "Everything You NEED To Know About Dragons In Warcraft" from PlatinumWow

  20. Watch all the other WOW trailers! I see you have a few but the others are sooooooooo good

  21. Stony Tony is the man! And love how my wife Alexstrasza swoops in to save him at the perfect moment.

    Tbh I’m surprised you haven’t dove into Final Fantasy XIV more. I only resubscribe to the game whenever there’s new lore to play through. It’s also the first video game to bring me to tears. No other game can hold a candle to their story telling.

    Just be forewarned. There’s enough content to consume to outlast the Star Wars series along with the mid series featured films.

    Glad you’re enjoying Warcraft though ;8o D

  22. you can blame a lot of stuff on blizzard and they are not a good company
    but man do they know how to make trailers

  23. Saviors is definitely my favorite of the trailers. And with the Hearthstone section done time to click off the video… lol

  24. Blizzard really does have some of the best art and cinematics out there. They people who work on them truly love this fantasy genre. And your reaction is a testament to their hard work.
    I am so glad that you give this medium a shot. Again your joy is so infectious, I love.
    I can't wait for you to try your first game and seeing all of your emotions as you play.

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