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PSG.LGD vs Ehome Dota Pro Circuit China Summer Tour 2022 Division 1 with Snare,Black and Lizzard.
Watch live here :
This last tour is super important for this team to fight for The International 2022 Singapore.


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  1. EHOME grow up too much this year!
    I love to watch their games, the strategies like this third game, no HC, but a team that push towers agressively, the rexxar buff with the familiars… Omfg… 2 javali, 3 familiars, dominator creep… Pugna Ward xD
    And look the Tiny……… Tiny 4 like a boss

  2. Whats with all this slander towards ehome? Anytime you have shiro and planet, thats a great foundation because they give you young ame and young fy vibes. They played LGD tough before, shiro went like 23-0 or something ridiculous in tour 1. They would have a great time had the first major not get cancelled.

  3. lol….ehome game 3 suck…..u can win but why u all lose to arena?…….too aggressif thinking u gonna win without ame……….u should know even not hte same lgd in TI but they know how to cumback……..

  4. Classic China team. PSG already qualified for TI and now just feeding other CN team to also qualify.

  5. Classic LGD in DPC tour after getting spot at TI now, they will throw as they can to give the point to another chinese team that why chinese community love them so much. But, if some player talk sh*t to them, they will go serious play and eat all team alive like previous DPC china play off 🤣🤣

  6. Ame with the giga rtz throw,
    Also check Faith Bian Mars stats, he always lose
    LGD is not serious I guess, since they are pretty much qualified for TI already, they might do the same thing as last year, placing in 3rd/4th to give their fellow CN teams DPC points

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