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Rampage is OVERPOWERED in Apex Legends Season 12.EXE

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The Rampage LMG is still broken in Apex Legends Season 12, use it for ez wins.
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  1. Bro, if they don’t put it in the care package next season, I’m not gonna play until season 14, and if it’s still not in the care package, uninstall

  2. I love the Rampage legit used it for a whole round no other weapons and dominated

    Rampage x Alternator great comboo

    But Rampage needs to be care package tbh overpowered

  3. Edits are A1. Outro being the vocoded “Ruler of everything” by tally Hall? Amazing.

    And it might just be me. But I just cannot handle the rampage. I always do so terribly with it despite using it so often. I think if they just kicked up the recoil it would be fine.

  4. any weapon can be OP sometimes (randomly, when the game "decides").
    Game is actually rigged, laggy and broken.. Free for a reason.

  5. I still find it funny that Respawn thinks this weapon is perfectly fine and doesn’t need to be CP or hell slap that baby into a replicator and bring the Flatline back to the floor but eh I doubt they’d do that

  6. whenever it really counts tho it feels like i draw an outline of the enemy with bullet holes perfectly on the wall behind them with the spread.

    Dont know if they patched it but the first shot always was dead on the cursor so if you used an auto clicker it was OP ASF. I just set my DPI up button to click 100 times a second and it used to lazr beem

  7. Rampage is okay
    Wait till season 13 till the spi-
    I will demolish the whole match of you good at it

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