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Marci picked in RNG vs Dandelion Esport Club Dota Pro Circuit China Summer Tour 2022 Division 1 with Nomad,Rkryptic and Black.
Watch live here :
Dendelion Esports is team from Division 2.


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  1. The problem with China teams is that they cant finish the game after having a very good start, LGD is a typical example, now RNG

  2. I've seen so many mistakes from Ghost.. he may be the Top 1 MMR in SE Asia, but Tournaments, especially in China, have a different league, and Pub Games experience isn't really enough. He needs to keep playing with teams to get that synergy.

  3. RNG is so bad guys, goes to say even further that Boom lost to this team KEKW
    GHOST IS A DIV 2 SEA CARRY FROM 496, he is not ready for a Div 1 team yet

  4. ghost, again and again, disappointing new player every time he join a new team. lol, overrated player.

  5. this is the best marci compare to fnatic game…….they should learn how to use this hero

  6. This team has to be one of the biggest surprises in recent dpc history: you have 2 former team magma players(mid and carry), who keep bouncing between div 1 and 2, a former CDEC player(offlane), whom I think since this format has only been in div 1 once at most, the pos 5 is from newbee young…so, even worse credentials than the others. Maybe the 4 position player is known to some, keen gaming's captain in their glory days (flyfly keen gaming iteration), and he has had a short stint with aster in recent history. The youngest of this bunch is the carry, aged 23. And only the 4 pos dude has more than 100k prize money earned.

    Nobody could have predicted a stack like this would enter div 2 through open qualifiers, finish div 2 with 7-0 and even beat a top 4 team in div 1 2-0 at their debut. Kudos to the lads, who doesn't love a good underdog story?!

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