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Rotten Crystal Swords are FUN | PvP Build/Gameplay [Elden Ring]

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Scarlet rot builds, while somewhat limited, can be plenty powerful when done right. The power of powerstanced straight swords shows through, and the 50 rot buildup in each hand is a constant threat.
0:00 Intro
0:28 Gameplay Montage
3:11 Build Overview
7:41 Raw Gameplay
10:03 Outro

Armor at 4:08


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  1. This really shows that you can make a build out of anything you put your mind to.. meta is a BS term in elden ring.. use what ever the hell you want

  2. Rotten bananas are also fun to eat in smoothies. But seriously, Level 125 vagabond is a good option for the build.

  3. The cape is dope af. That is a really neat trick, I had no idea you could “unalter” armor to possibly get a different look

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