Shrouds thoughts on Battlefield..

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  1. click bait…why did i expect shroud aka curmudgeon maximus…to give a fair evaluation. joke's on me as it turns out.😏

  2. I think going for the massive scale was their mistake along with a barebones product. Should have gone for quality in the modern age without the soulless scale

  3. I'm sick of this "oh it's actually good" meme going around. It's probably a marketing campaign to be honest. The game is awful and everyone knows it. I sincerely feel that I wasted my money by buying it.

  4. I'm afraid, that with MW2 coming out, we will be getting a more refined Ground War mode that will surpass the BF modes.

  5. The burst rifle is so good, too bad we dont have more bangers to play on. They gotta add XP to certain custom servers so we can play 2042 on old bf maps and still get xp. I think it should have a certain "tolerance" level and depending on what you tweak it may hit that tolerance level and turn off xp but it would notify you.

  6. Jun 21, 2022 Theirs a lot of (A.I.) computers. So much waiting (TIME IT, UNTIL YOU GET IN MATCH) No one is playing this game since it came out cause I just checked it out

  7. Havoc is the only mode worth a damn, I put it down awhile ago tho because zero expansion progress.

  8. Maybe play an actual battlefield lmao. 2042 is a joke. They need to re master 3, operation metro rush, if you know you know. Same for bf4 locker conquest. Man those were the days.

  9. “It wasn’t bad” hell nah it was mad buggy. The maps are still shit except the new one. New map good.

  10. New map is nice, game feels better and somewhat like battlefield but this update shoulda been out a month or two after launch and it'd be salvageable. I think its too little too late and they're gonna give up and move onto the next game. vector and vss are busted.

  11. How come shroud is the only person who doesnt like the new patch its like he is paid to say its bad…

  12. should really try WW3, granted its in closed beta, but about to release to open free beta soon, and content is limited but when open beta comes they will be tons, It's how battlefield should have been. So much better

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