Sony PS5 Slim Reaction – OFFICIAL!! 🔥🤯

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The Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Console has officially been developed and created by DIY Perks. Here is the worlds first PS5 Slim …


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  1. You should take a look (or react, I dunno) to the design of PS5 slim from Sfdx Show, it keeps the disk reader, the PSU is inside, the temperatures are better and the design is, in my opinion, far more beautiful than the one from DIY perks. And it shows how to do it step by step 😀

  2. What you can't see is the power supply is external as well as a water cooking block also external. So not really "slim" or in any kind of consumer state

  3. If the ps5 looked like that thumbnail I'd of already got one for the ps4 functionality alone!

  4. My bro that's hella dope!! it's still sometimes its still sort of hard to believe some things,this guy's is dope..looks like it would catch on fire tbh lol..but still big ups to homie though.
    Much love and respect to you and yours always bro 😎🙏❤️🙌🌹🌅💙🌌

  5. Official? Did you not see the price of the aluminum panels he used? It would cost way over PS5 sale price to actually make that version of a slim, not to mention, the power supply is the size of a skateboard.

  6. I think it's Rose gold look than pink but if it's real it's not got much like ps4 slim compared to original

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