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Starting Class Origins – Elden Ring Lore

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loong awaited video reuploaded because bent pixels are ass hats


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  1. man this is the best lore channel, I love how it doesn't sound like some pompous academic giving the official account, but more like hanging out with your buds and some substances. SO sick. ahh, reminds me of a young me

  2. Waiting for an Elden Ring mod where you learn magic on your own; like Astrologers learning from studying certain areas you look at via spyglass/telescope in the sky at night. I think that would be absolutely baller.

    Also, I really enjoy your videos, you're straight to the point, chill, and know how to mix humor with direct, subtle, or otherwise speculated references to material! I look forward to more.

  3. I really like this video as I want to do basic builds based on the lore of the classes, so thanks! This will really help

  4. I think you missed the Truth Seeker when covering the race part and skipped straight to nightfolk…

  5. Kind of hate how the prisoner helmet doesn't have both eyes visible. Would fit perfectly with the frenized flame

  6. I think the Dung Eater was the prisoner. Dung Eaters armor: "Malformed armor resembling an Omen with its horns cut off.
    Worn by the Dung Eater. The heavy, sun-shaped medallion represents both the guidance he once saw, and the ring to which it will one day lead."

    His crime in Liurnia was that he looked towards light of the order and the elden ring. He was an apostate. The sun emblem he later used is a clear counter symbol of the moon and might represent the light from the Eerdtree and the Elden Ring. He's still look towards the Order but with hate for the world. He wants to change it. To curse the Order with his blessing by inserting the "Mending Rune of the Fell Curse" and cement the curse within it. To curse them all.

    "Prisoner Helm: Iron mask forced on a prisoner convicted of an appalling crime.
    Thick, heavy, and utterly stifling.
    A foul creation designed to torment the wearer, either slowly fermenting hatred within their heart, or a spiritual fervor that is near indistinguishable from it. "

    Omen Helm (which looks similar to the Prisoner Helm in the hole of the right eye. Which he carved out as that is the only way he is able to objectively but insanely perceive his environment after his time in the Prisoner Helm) : "Malformed helm resembling an Omen with its horns cut off.
    Worn by the Dung Eater, their form is a vision of the landscape of his mind, and of his appearance as he wished to see it.
    The heart of an omen without the body to match; could there be any crueler existence? What does it matter, then, if the curse claims at all?"

    He got insane from the torment of the mask in jail until he only had hatred in his heart and a mission on his broken mind. Banging his head against the wall and babbling about defilement while Broggart shaking his head in the corner wile sucking on a shrimp, "E's a madman…"
    I think the Prisoner and Broggart broke out and went separate ways. Broggart started to 'ear rumors of killings and defiled corpses and strung things together that his old prison mate actually went on his proclaimed rampage as the Dung Eater (a recurring tendency by insane people behind bars. They probably didn't bother with psychiatric wards in The Lands Between).
    Prisoner Clothing: "Tattered clothing.
    Worn by a prisoner convicted of an appalling crime.
    Never once washed, every fiber is filthy."

    He donned the appearance of the Omen. First imprisoned. He was severed and broken down just as he saw the imprisoned Omen of the Order (the broken, disgusting, tormented, feared and reviled). He did not only emulate them to strike the fear in the world he already knew they had from the Omens but also for sympathy. These unwanted creatures that he himself might have seen or heard of, with cut off horns left for dead, "their form is a vision of the landscape of his mind, and of his appearance as he wished to see it".

    The Dung Eater seems to be able to spread the curse and that curse has a connection to "hate" I believe, or suffering, or something thereof. "The heart of an omen" I translate to "in the same spirit", the same suffering? The same hate? The same experience. I just haven't figured out why "the curse" occurs before The Dung Eater are being able to willingly start spreading it. I assume him an Broggart are younger than the phenomenon. Was it always like that? Or is it just something that happens? Did it happen through Marika or Godfrey (Hoarah Loux), or both? Or someone else in regards to the twins? If so, how? All these questions…

    Anyhow, my theory regarding the "Prisoner" is that it all goes back to him being thrown in jail living through all that torment and now reliving his newfound dung eating self in the same but insane manner. Convicted criminal and thrown in jail under torment, "The heart of an omen without the body to match; could there be any crueler existence?".
    But this time together with his soul mates, the cursed.

  7. The Tarnished do not have the "Grace of Gold" which is why they are Tarnished. They have (or had like Boggart and Rogier) the Guidance of Grace.

  8. "I watched a video on it a while back but I was kinda stoned" is the best possible source I can imagine for lore speculation

  9. You’re like a cool and laid back version of a Souls lore YouTuber. Can’t say I don’t like it. Great video keep it up.

  10. Read your subscriber count as 885k, rather than 8.85k. Was so confused and happy for you 😂😂😂

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