Red Dead Redemption

That's The Way It Is, in 4K Red Dead Redemption 2

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arthur’s final ride back to camp, with his first hat, and his first horse…

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  1. omg this hit me in the feels, i remember the first time i heard this song and i cried like a baby.

  2. This last ride gave me some kind of Spiritual Awakening made me think about my life and how I can improve it and how I want to be remembered and it helped me with my alcoholism over 2 years now not boozing and hanging at the bar

  3. This looks insane, I've been playing on a RX570 4GB and my game doesnt look anything like this lol

  4. Please please please make another RDR! So much more can be done- so much story potential. It’s so much better than GTA. I played this 6 times. I need a new game. I’m not alone!🤠🐴

  5. Hi Antonio and friends this was awesome very sad I got emotional watching this I remember when I played it was crying poor Arthur.

  6. IMO if you used only one horse for the story, the cutscene for Arthurs horse death is sadder than the last ride

  7. I remember the first time I experienced this last ride…I'd done the last few missions straight after each other and and the fast pace fit the fast decline story being told and this slowed the pace down as it approached the end. Needless to say I appreciated it much more on my subsequent playthroughs.

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