The Best Rifle in 2042 just got INSANE..

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The GVT 45-70 got buffed in the Battlefield 2042 4.1 update. (Maybe unintentionally). It now seems to 1 shot to the chest like the …


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  1. This gun should do that amount of dmg. If you’ve ever shot a marlin lever 45-70 or seen the bullet, it’s a one shot kill guaranteed.

  2. When the game only has a couple thousand daily players, why even cover the game anymore? Battlefield V has five times the persistent players on all platforms

  3. As a person who likes to snipe atleast 85-90% of the time, I was disagreeing with the possibility of a nerf until I saw the segment at 8:24. That's gotta be illegal lol. Clean looking kills but totally unfair.

  4. No one plays this game stodeh. Please stop making content for it, dice needs to earn. Dislike given here, first ever for you.

  5. in 10:46 idk… that was very sus bro… Are you fuckin cheating? look like a trigger hack bro…
    10:46 we can see nobody but he shots through the wall, 8 seconds later his enemy appears and he kill him

  6. You just freaking made me play this game 🤔 It reminds me to much about the SKS in BF4 exemple 😁 Still my favorite weapon 😁

  7. Its crazy how you have time to aim and take your time while no one shoots you lol not saying is hacking but me , im getting shots from snipes , assault infantry , tanks , helis ….

  8. I hope they don't fix this, I love the GVT. But at least we can all agree, I'm sure, that it has the best suppressed shot sound. Just the cripsness of the SFX is great.

  9. I feel like if they just decrease the fire rate a little bit they could just leave it like that? I mean the gun is not easy to use long range and if you miss a shot close range against a good player you'll most likely die soo its good?

  10. How is this bad? It performs realistically. Dice is so dumb, they surely “nerf” it. Go back to Insurgency Sandstorm!

  11. I know this topic is a dead horse at this point, but I really wish every surface in this game didn't look like its just gotten power-washed

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