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This is the Nightmare of every Elden Ring player 😨

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This is the Nightmare of every Elden Ring player New Elden Ring campaign seems amazing, i believe that the game launch …


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  1. This enemy wasn't here during my playthrough. I even expected it because of the preview months ago but there was no one

  2. I kind of expected this. The one that got me was the hand in the subterranean shunning grounds

  3. I actually remember that specific guy. I was busy congratulating myself for spotting a previous enemy hiding behind a corner. When that guy jumped me, it startled me so bad I panicked and fell to my death. Elden Ring reminding me "don't get cocky"

  4. That particular backstab was in the 15 minute preview. No one but an absolute idiot would still fall for it or someone who did no research on the game they were buying. Others aren't known so that's fine. Check every corner.

  5. Meh, I’ve played through Undead Burgh, Central Yharnam and High Wall of Lothric already, in addition to 100+ hours of Elden Ring, by now 🤷‍♂️

    The real nightmare is the damage and poise of late game enemies ever since DS2 and the Crown DLC’s.

  6. I envy people that are still playing the first part of the game and will discover everything for the first time. NG+ doesn't have the same feeling as the first playthrough

  7. elden ring fortunately does ambushes better than ds2, where the enemies seem to be taken from old call of duty lobbies

  8. You can tell he's never played a Souls game before. I checked EVERY fucking tight corner and hallway in this game. Was never caught by surprise. WHAT DID surprise me is that this game had 0 mimics. I guess Miyazaki was feeling generous this time.

  9. I peak corners and roll back … Imps helped me build an instinct for surprise attacks so now I just bait them first

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