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UNDER $300 and OVER 100 FPS Apex Legends Gaming PC

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Want to play Apex with smooth stutter free FPS? Well today’s build has an i7, 16GB of ram, 500GB SSD and a GTX 970 at the …


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  1. Thanks for the awesome comments, sorry for slow replies. Just on a little golden week (japanese holiday) with the family. Good news, my boy played mine craft on Windows and loves it, so he will be coming to Tokyo for the next parts hunt!

  2. Years ago and a Xeon 1366 will blow this i7 away 😉 for a cheaper price today X5675 @3,8GHz with a RX580 is cheap gaming potato today ;-)) This 1366 6 core cpus are the best cheap cpu i know

  3. ahh it feels good knowing there is some price to performance pc's again cause it's been i believe 1 year and 7 months now since that was even half a possibility which is nuts cause it feels soooo much longer, only sucky thing is there will be people who will bitch about playing games on less then 1080p meanwhile some screens can be life savers that only support up to 1024p or so and that as well as the performance gains makes them very interesting going forward well at least to me i for one will be opting for 900P gaming when my pc is finally done cause i want more fps instead of less at 1080p or 1440p.

  4. Built this exact build part by part for my little brother and he’s been loving it for more than a year. Ended up getting Lucky on every part and spent less than $150. Great value for the price and the deals are out there trust me! Coming for a Ryzen 7 and 2080 build

  5. was using a budget 4770k system until today upgraded to 8700k on the strix z370 board, what a difference that has made for my poor rtx 2060

  6. Oh man, this is so close to my old PC that I only just 'upgraded' and lasted me for around 8 years. The only difference was my GPU was a 'rare' 6GB version of a 780GTX that I got for a bargain on eBay. I don't remember the exact FPS in Apex, but it was 100% playable, consistently over 60fps. That machine got me all the way through my undergraduate and masters degree. I did basically the same thing, cleaned up the GPU and re applied some new thermal paste, cleaned out all the heat sinks and it was surprisingly effective for 1080p gaming in a bunch of titles- new Doom? no problem. Witcher 3? Great. Borderlands 3? Solid. Metro Exodus? Dying Light? Valorant? Easy.

    In fact it worked so well and held me through my financially tough student years that my 'upgrade' followed pretty much the same routine. I'm now on an I7 7700, 16GB DDR4 2400mhz, Asus H110M-R, Asus Arez RX580, Intel 180GB S/ATA 3 SSD. The whole thing came in at under 400 planetary tokens – the only caveat in the new build is that I bought an open box/return Cooler master MB500 RGB case, a Corsair H115i AIO and a Cooler Master MasterFan SF360R RGB triple slot fan and a vertical graphics card mount (purely for aesthetics) and a Corsair CX550F RGB PSU, and a phanteks fan speed controller… which cumulatively put the overall cost up quite a bit – however, for about 600 bucks my PC looks like a pre-built that would've cost 3 times more. The case looks absolutely tight with matching RGB fans front, back and top and bottom and thanks to being able to run all the fans at their lowest RPM because the H115i is such a beefy (280mm) rad and the RX580 having a 0RPM idle, for most productivity tasks the only thing I can hear coming from the case sat on the desk next to me is the low hum of the AIO pump! Perfect for zoom/MS Teams meetings.

    The only downside to this route, imo, is that once a part breaks you have to know where the 'cut off' is to keep spending. Motherboards for old components can end up running the cost of a modern/new mobo and then it can feel a little redundant to keep throwing money at a recurring problem. The main reason I scrapped my old i3770 system was that eventually 2 motherboards died and I knew it was time to cut my losses and move up to something a little newer, as in the end the motherboards ended up being about 50% of my total spend on my old system over it's lifetime. I didn't even upgrade due to lack of performance, my old machine did everything I needed it to… I just didn't want to buy another mobo for 60 bucks when a newer socket one would cost me 25, so I sold the good, working parts and moved to a newer socket with better second hand parts availability (*pro tip – lots of socket LGA 1151 ((which with a BIOS update can mostly run 7th Gen & DDR2400)) on the used market RN as people are moving to AM4 B450/B550, etc… which also helps the used price of slower DDR4 RAM as Zen really loves lots of fast RAM- used 2166mhz and 2400mhz kits are a steal!

    TL;DR – PC gaming doesn't have to cost the Earth (literally or figuratively!), achieving 60fps at 1080p is entirely possible with hardware from a generation or three back as long as you have a discerning eye for used parts and can use careful selection to match CPU to GPU to avoid bottlenecks.

  7. Hey man what would i be better off running with my gtx 1650, intel i3 4130 3.4ghz or i5 4590 3.3ghz

  8. A definitely awesome, value rich and great performing build for the price 🥰👍😇 shame about the dodgy ram situation thou 😢. How’s your family doing over there in Japan?

  9. great vid as always Bryan! I do a little flipping myself and last week decided to get tough with myself and not deal in anything older than intel 4th gen, or anything that only supports AVX1 or earlier instruction sets…em let's see how that goes!! Seriously though, am I right in saying that some games are starting to struggle with pre-AVX2 instruction sets? From what I've seen, intel 2nd and 3rd gen are starting to show their age

  10. the only Cringe part is not replacing or putting thermal pads on the GDDR .. that memory will eventually die .. Please get some Thermal pads buddy … the GDDR memory is the first thing too go on a GPU and is overclockable as well with MSI afterburner ..

  11. good on ya Bryan good stuff as usual like me hear in Philippines i have all my own supply of pc's and parts 2of 4th generation fast pc's 4970 4990lots ram on 12 gig and other 8gig

  12. Hey tech yes city, have you taken a look at the ryzen 5800x3d?
    For games that ar heavy cpu bound like EFT/RUST, apparently its double the fps if you are not gpu bottlenecked.

  13. My cousin has this same build but with an i7-4770 and it slaps with apex. The i7 with a 970 is such a deadly budget combo

  14. I use GD-900 for 2 years+ now, no complaints… It is not "the best" on the market, but best of what you can get for reasonable price (without overpayment just for a brand)

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